Let's Discuss: "In My Bed"


from the creators of the bad boy’s girl and it started with a bra, episode’s latest story is making my stomach turn.

episode has broken their own guidelines yet again with excessive sexual references, just as they did in it started with a bra. (which a large part of the forums did not appreciate.)

i thought episode was listening to us. i thought they’d realize that we aren’t sex-driven divas who long for a dramatic love triangle, but when a three part pattern develops, i lose hope.

not only is the sex thing problematic, but the story is just not very well done. it is rushed and a mess of cliches. it’s like you all just smooshed a couple cliches together, threw lingere into the mix, and put in keywords like hot, sexy, etc etc.

maybe im alone in this. who knows. if you haven’t read any of it yet, read the first chapter and let me know: did you find problematic too? (your vote will be hidden)

  • absolutely.
  • no!! it was so hot and romantic!

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