Let's discuss k-pop

Heyo! Here’s some questions to get started or something.

Do you listen to K-pop?
Who do you listen to?
What have been your favourite songs of 2020? Are you voting in Mama 2020? If So Who are you voting in each category?
Is there Any groups or solo artists you feel need More recognition?
Your bias? :thinking:

I’m only New to K-pop I just got into it this year. I have no friends Who listen to K-pop.

I stan ateez, so I’m an Atiny :heartpulse: Ateez was the one that got me into K-pop in the first place. I really love all of their songs, can’t find one I don’t like. They do deserve More recognition in my opinion. Altough they debuted only 2 years ago :joy::sweat_smile: Currently trying my best to vote Ateez in Mama 2020 in song of the year, worldwide fans’ choice and best male group perfomance, categories.

I also like bts, but wouldn’t consider myself as part of the army. Some blackPink Songs are good.

Then I also like:
monsta x - hero
stray Kids - back door
Shaun - way back home
Wonho - open mind
Hwa sa - maria
IU, SUGA - Eight

As for my bias almost anyone from Ateez :joy:Maybe mostly San, Seongwha, Jionghoon and Jeosang… But Who am I kidding, all of them are my favourites in their own way I literally cannot choooose :joy::no_mouth:



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The mama 2020 voting is currently ongoing. You can vote everyday. Black Pink is in a few categories!

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Another kpop stan!

Do you listen to K-pop? - Yes
Who do you listen to? BTS, Blackpink, Red Velvet, (G)-IDLE, Mamamoo, Itzy, TXT, Twice, Sunmi and Secret Number. + a casual listener to a bunch of groups/soloists lol.
What have been your favourite songs of 2020? Are you voting in Mama 2020? If So Who are you voting in each category? I might, IDK. I tried voting but something went wrong so I haven’t tried since lol. There’s a lot of music I liked this year but to name a few…
ON by BTS,
Wannabe by Itzy
Not Shy by Itzy
Dumhdurm by Apink
Stay Tonight by Chungha
Can’t you see me by TXT
More & More by Twice
I can’t stop me by Twice
Secret Story of the Swan by IZ*ONE
Maria by Hwasa,
Naughty by Irene and Seulgi
Lovesick Girls by BP
La Di Da by Everglow

Is there Any groups or solo artists you feel need More recognition? - Secret Number and Kang Daniel!
Your bias? :thinking: That’s a hard one, but V from BTS.

I hope you love the kpop community (Don’t go on Twitter though.) and really find music you can connect with!

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lol no

blackpink only :star_struck:

How you like that and Pretty savage


no one lmao

For now I did go to Twitter, but only to follow ateez :sweat_smile::joy: So far I’m liking the K-pop community. I haven’t gone to “the bad side” if there even is one

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There is definitely a bad side of the community. It’s full of toxic fans who are usually possessive of their faves, will do anything to protect their faces etc. I’m not on Twitter but I’ve seen some crazy shit and people talk about it a lot of Reddit.

Yes, have been since I was like 12 years old lol (I’m 23 now)

I casually listen to NCT, mainly title tracks, and my fav NCT subunit is definetly WayV. I also casually listen to Stray Kids cus their title tracks always slap. I can only really get into girl groups though. Loona, Mamamoo, and Red Velvet are my favorite girl groups.

All the songs on Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi’s album. My fav b-side off the album is Feel Good but all the songs on the album are amazing.

Lovelyz’s Obliviate and WJSN’s Butterfly are great songs as well and shoutout to Stray Kids God’s Menu and Back Door.

Not the hugest fan of Loona’s Why Not even if Loona is one of my ult groups but, off the 12:00 album, I’d say that Universe is my favorite off the album along with Hide & Seek.

As of lately, I’ve been listening to NCT’s Make A Wish on repeat because it’s just so damn good. Also, TWICE’s I Can’t Stop Me has been on repeat as well!

I don’t usually vote but if Loona is nominated for anything I’d vote for them.

My ult biases are Irene (Red Velvet), Solar (Mamamoo), and Yves (Loona). I could go on and on about each of them but to keep things short, they’re all gorgeous and talented and I like their personalities. I think I have a thing for older members of groups.

Boy groups wise… I don’t usually know much about individual boy group members when it comes to personality because I get soooo bored watching variety shows that have only men in it (that may have something to do with me being a lesbian though). From Stray Kids, I would say that my bias is Han because I like his rapping and also I know he is really creative and talented as he contributes to like a lot of the Stray Kids discography. As for NCT, I’m torn between Jaehyun (He’s just the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in existence) and Xiaojun (Also one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen in existence).

If you want any kpop group recs for some good music you could never go wrong with groups like EXO, NCT, Seventeen, Red Velvet, Loona, Stray Kids, and BTS (I prefer their older discography like The Most Beautiful Moment in Life trilogy).

If you’re looking for some throwbacks, like second generation kpop (mid 2000s to early like 2010s): I suggest SNSD, 2ne1, Wonder Girls, KARA, After School, SISTAR, TVXQ, 2PM, Big Bang, Infinite, B1A4, and Beast.

Soloists wise, I’d suggest Dean, Jay Park, Sunmi, IU, Taeyeon, Baekhyun, Taemin,and Chungha.

Also seeing you like Hwasa, you might like Jessi.

Also can someone explain to me what it means to be streaming songs? I saw someone comment for atinys to stream black cat nero, inception and thanxx to get them More views. It was like 3mil. For nero, 50mil. For inception and 40mil. For thanxx.

I don’t mind listening to those to get the views but I’m wondering what do the artists get out of that? Like for example is 50million views a milestone for a song that if they hit 3 million something good happens?

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Do you listen to K-pop?: yes
Who do you listen to?: ATEEZ I’ve Liked Them Since Predebut When They Were KQ Fellaz.
What have been your favourite songs of 2020? Are you voting in Mama 2020? If So Who are you voting in each category?: I’m Only Voting For My Favorite And #1 Group ATEEZ In Whatever Category They Are In.
Is there Any groups or solo artists you feel need More recognition?: Not That I Know Of.
Your bias?: Yeosang And My Bias Breaker Is Mingi

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The Amount Of Views A Music Video Gets, Will Be Put Into MAMA And Can Help The Groups Because The Amount Of Views Goes Into I Think 20% Of The Score/Judging

the most toxic fanbase in history u cant say one bad thing about kpop i swear u will get jumped


Yesssssssss why is it so true?

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Ohh okayy Thanks for explaining. So I guess it’s worth streaming the songs? Do you know if it matters which songs you stream or do they have to be New and not like 1 year old songs.

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Well I Don’t Think It Matters Too Much But You Should Check If Your Group Are In MV of The Year And If they Are Stream Those Songs!

Few times. I know the group but I don’t fangirling them often.

I’m listening to Triple H everyday :skull: . I’m addictive their dance video since last month.

None. Maybe…blackpink and bts? I haven’t see their new release video but if I have to vote one day I would.

Triple H need more recognition bc I like Hui, Hyuna and E’dawn (Dawn). Its one girl and two boys group. I haven’t seen k-pop girl and boy solo group lately.

What is bias?

Where can I find Who are in mv of the year? I can’t seem to find it

Bias means your favourite member in a band

Sorry I Meant Song Of The Year lol. The Point Is Streaming There Songs Helps Them.

Ohhh okay, then I better go stream their song.

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