Let's discuss Mafia stories

Okay, I’m sure everyone who’s on episode is aware of how many Mafia stories there are. If you are unaware, I really don’t understand how, because they’re everywhere.

I know this topic is not original, but I just wanted to write my opinions and hear yours.

-Before I share my opinion on these stories I want to first say I am in no way shape or form trying to disrespect those who have made a story surrounding the Mafia, I understand the authors put a lot of hard work into their story and that they do deserve all the recognition they get for that work.
-I also want to say how this is only going toward Mafia stories, because the gang, assassin etc stories In my opinion don’t have the same level of Impact (if that makes sense).

With that being said, I’m gonna talk.

My Bad Experience With Mafia Stories

Mafia stories are not realistic, and I’m sure many of us already know that…BUT a few of us don’t, and I’m using little me as an example (representing all the young people who don’t know better, If you are young person who DOES know better, good for you :+1:t3:) . When I was in the 8th grade reading episode I stumbled across the Mafia stories, mind you, I was an impressionable child whose first introduction to what the Mafia was, was through these stories. I 100% believed that those stories where accurately portraying the real life mafia…crazy. I even wanted to be apart of a mafia, thinking “WOW, it would be so cool!”. Thank goodness I got out of that thinking.
BUT I contradict myself, because now that I’m a few years older I read them still, but it’s just because they’re always popping up and I’m a naturally curious person Though… a lot of the stories have a crazy possessive man as the LI cough**cough, but that’s a topic for another time

THE APPEARANCE OF THE MALE LI, I don’t have much to say about this, authors can make them look the way they want them to look it’s their story, but I do wish a character would have bad lungs or something, you know, because of how much they smoke.

Now onto a FUN topic, romanticizing being in the Mafia. I took a big sigh before writing this, because I find it kind of ridiculous. Why, why, why, all I ask. Being in the Mafia is not CUTE, not COOL, not ROMANTIC, it’s DANGEROUS. The Mafia is no place to find your future boo.
This whole romanticising the Mafia thing is so so soooo normal on episode, and that’s pretty insane seeing as this app is for 13+, and let’s be honest, some kids lie about their age.


this was edited on after I remembered the ridiculousness of it.

So someone tell me, why are ALL the mafia people in NY? like every story takes place in new york. I know there a few that don’t, but the majority do. I don’t understand why a serbian mafia boss is based in new york. If that actually does happen someone tell me why. I just don’t get it, If you want them to be in new york, make them the fu*king American Mafia.

I’m serious about this, can authors add a warning saying, The actions and events taking place in this story are in no way portraying real life. because that would be much appreciated. The warning about mature themes and strong languages is good, but it doesn’t cover the fact that basically EVERYTHING in the story is fiction, It’s nice to establish at the beginning of each episode that the story is NOT accurate.

Honestly if you want to write a Mafia story, you do you, but It would be great if you could make it realistic, and not romanticize it. I understand that it’s popular on episode, and it would most likely wrack up a lot of reads, but it’s not worth it. Besides it’s no longer an original concept, if you can think of something no one else had written before good job! but it’s highly unlikely because there are probably thousands of Mafia stories with the same plot (or at least VERY similar plots).

If you decide to write a mafia story DO RESEARCH, I see so many stories that look like NO research was done what so ever, sorry if that’s you, but it’s true. It’s a big pet peeve of mine when something is not correct/shown right. I respect the stories that have researched the topic because then they are at least displaying true information on some parts.

I’m sorry if this offends you or discourages you too write your own mafia story, but I just want you too know what you are writing, and I want you too know that you can leave an impact on someone whether it be good or bad.

Write your opinions on Mafia stories, be friendly about it. I want to hear your thoughts.

If I made a mistake in my writing, oops. Sometimes when I write I contradict myself on accident, and If i said something wrong or gave out wrong information pm me about it and I’ll change it.


If some authors actually bothered to do the research and portray them properly, there wouldn’t be an issue with them.
And if they avoided using the same old cliche-“nobody had ever spoken back to me”, or “saved her from a creep in the club” scenarios, people wouldn’t be so frustrated with them.


Yeah, I would definitely read a story that accurately portrays them. It would honestly be really interesting.
also I completely forgot about the classic scenarios, I mean they are seriously overused. yet they still somehow work :thinking:


I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. I can’t stand them, with how pretty much almost all of them portray the organization.

Authors who want to write about mafia and how their mafioso LI is nOt a Bad PeRSoN ugh- give me a break. Sure, there’s a lot of people who are forced to collaborate with the mafia or else they’d die, but they are never actually PART of it. I know a person isn’t entirely good or bad and that we’re the product of the environment and ideals we grow up into. But what these stories do is excusing their actions in order to appeal to the reader.

“Oh, (s)he killed, kidnapped, tortured, blackmailed countless people? Or (s)he was at least behind it? Or (s)he was an accomplice? Yeah but HAVE YOU SEEN HOW HOT (S)HE IS? (S)He’s a sweetheart inside, plus (s)he has a VERY valid reason to commit these awful crimes, I swear.”

Because really, how many of the mafia regulars would enjoy a perfectly realistic mafia story? The topic still appeals to loads, but I doubt it would have the same impact on the average demographics of episode mafia readers.

That said, writing about it while glorifying and fetishising (yes, it’s a fetish at this point) the horrible things that happen in real life is a slap on the face of all of their victims. It’s just plain disrespectful and distasteful.

To these readers and authors I’d say, imagine the worst thing that happened or might happen to you. Now imagine that thousands of people regularly enjoy creating and consuming fiction about it the same way you do with mafia. I wonder if you’d like that.


that’s such a good point, I feel like if authors do decided to write about it they have to be completely transparent with it and make sure not to put any wrong information. The stories can be used to spread awareness, but that’s just not happening. Does that make sense? I’m not sure if it does.


See, in an ideal world, this would be wonderful. Or at least to show how bad it actually is.


Exxxactly my opinion. thanks a lot for this thread :clap:


the stories are not suppose to be realistic, they are like twilight and fifty shades of grey. a romance fantasy there won’t ever happen.


Either way, that doesn’t stop them from doing their research. Even though they’re “not meant to be realistic”; which I don’t disagree with, that doesn’t mean that they should write whatever they feel like, especially if it’s clearly offensive as well as impacting younger readers. Even if I were to write a fiction story, I would still do my research on whatever I was writing about. I feel like mafia stories need the most research and understanding as it’s a serious subject.


A story properly depicting the mafia for what it is wouldn’t exactly go down a treat since they’re not as “hot” and “mysterious” as people think. The mafia comes in different forms around the world but one thing is for sure, they’re very hard to beat legally for some countries since they can infiltrate themselves into authority systems. There is a right way of writing about the mafia, which is to depict it as what it is. Evil, torturous, traumatic.

It must be so insulting to people who have actually dealt with the trauma and living in fear from the mafia seeing some love interest who slaps people every 5 seconds fall in love with a dude who goes around killing people every 5 seconds completely invalidating & providing such misleading ideas about the mafia. Some families have to move to other countries, change their lives entirely to be in hiding, mafia can kill, they can traffic, run drug cartels, so forth. Is it “omg like wow, Jaxon the Gang Leader has such a big wand and is like omg like so hot despite the fact he is a criminal like uwu”? Hell no.

However, I have seen more of that rather than a gritty thriller - a suggestion could be following a member of a mafia trying to escape the life of organised crime (without romance, I’m so done with watching stupid misogynistic gang leaders or members as love interests). The main point is that it is a very dangerous world and to provide a misleading narrative to younger readers is dangerous as well as can badly influence their ideas of what healthy relationships are & even on morality. I could rant about what a cheap ploy it is to use the gang and mafia trope, but I’m sure somebody can say it for me. Yes, it gets you reads but at the cost of misleading readers, romanticising criminals and acting like it is hot. If you want that on your conscience, lol okay


I honestly dislike them, its actually pretty disrespectful and its also the same old cliche. Its always them saving them from some creep in a club or something like that. And it portrays them as a sweetheart once they open up but that doesn’t mean anything, them being the underdog or the black sheep in their family doesn’t excuse their crimes at all.


You’ve explained it better than I did :clap:t2:
And like I said:


I totally get what you mean, but those are fantasy stories, fantasy stories can’t be compared to real life. Mafia stories on the other are real life, the mafia is the real thing, and yes it’s okay for an author to write about them (to some degree) because they have creative freedom, but they have to at least add elements of the truth if not the whole truth about the topic.
These stories can impact younger viewers, and it would be good for them to understand the Mafia is not some fairytale fantasy where you will find your soulmate.


Lmao exactly, I doubt many people would live to tell the tale from when they stood up to a crime syndicate - which is I why I do all I can to avoid the gang/mafia-related stories, they’re unrealistic.


the fact i agree with this but I’ve read like 3 mafia stories (all over like 30 chapters) that ive loved so OOP maybe im just not ok but

THE MOST ANNOYING THINGGGG is when the mc is dumb like im sorry yall not gonna name no names but i was reading this mafia story and this girl comes out the van during the mission like what and then she gets mad when the Love interest calls her dumb

Im all for the SOMEONES AFTER U mystery like yes but like why is it always save the girl!! like idk

I’d still read it tho :crazy_face:


that’s true someone is always after the girl, and the guy is the one to save her…she can save herself, she’s strong. (I mean there’s no problem in getting help, but I don’t recommend getting it from the mafia)


the funny thing is what mafia boss is really going to look at US and save us for literally no reason like oop- not saying we worthless i mean but we pretty much are compared to the mafia


omg i feel like such a terrible person, i’m currently writing a mafia story, does anyone have any advice for things to avoid to do when writing? or things that i should do when writing?

- description

You and your family just moved from LA to Las Vegas. But you have a secret, you are the most feared Mafia gang in the country. Your family is apart of the Mexican Mafia and you and your sister are fighting to be heir of the Mafia. Since you and your sister are both twins and were born at the same time, your father wants to give you both a fair chance to prove yourselves worthy to be heir. Your father says whoever can take down the Italian Mafia, and kill their heir, will become the new leader of the Mexican Mafia.

Soon you meet Dex Young, a charming 18 year old that you and your sister are both head over heels for. But Dex has a secret, he’s the heir to the Italian Mafia - the person you must kill.

Will you and Dex be able to keep your secret from each other? Or will your true identities show, along with your true feelings for each other?

PLEASE give me hard criticism and things i could make better or change. thank uu !


Don’t feel like a terrible person for writing about it, it doesn’t make you one. It’s just nice to have an accurately portrayed story for once.

al i’ve been using the words “accurate” and “portrayed” way too much in this topic


i really do want to make the story as accurate as possible, butttttttt i still did want romance to be involved between the MC and the LI