Let's discuss Mafia stories

omg thats such i good question idk why i didn’t think abt that. okay scratch that, now there from Mexico moving the Italy.

omg i didn’t think abt this one either :woman_facepalming:t4: ummmmm i’m gonna go with Mexico since that’s where they’re from.

yea i agree ! do you have any ideas on how they could be more mature about the whole heir situation? cause i’m kinda stuck on how to portray that part :confused:

thank uu ! & yes i will most definitely be including the accurate & true aspects of the mafia .


I understand what you’re saying.

The point is the same as other sensitive topics. Take the black community as an example. Can an author portray them unrealistically and only following stereotypes? Unfortunately, yes they can. That doesn’t make this kind of portrayal healthy in any way though. And again, unfortunately, when it comes to these topics there is no one of higher authority to say one can’t write whatever the heck they want. If it wasn’t for the black community and other people who support their cause, this issue wouldn’t even be talked about.

Same thing with the mafia. It’s a phenomenon that exploded in number of stories and fans, and it wouldn’t be discussed if no one raised their voice to say it’s not okay.


If I may, you gotta give them a reason to move there. You mentioned it’s to take the heir down, but their father would still have business over in Mexico. And a wife certainly can’t stay away from her husband in this context. If the father is discussing the inheritance issue with the twins it probably means that both are adults. Which means they can legally move out and travel freely.

Why not have the twins move to Italy to fulfill their mission instead, while their parents stay in Mexico where their business is. Their father’s absence could also create more opportunities for a romance subplot to develop.


okay so i want the other twin (martiana) to be like laid back and trying to sabotage the MC (valentina). But then I wanted Valentina to be serious about it, since she really wants this.

okay ! do uu have any recommendations or do uu have any names that uu think sound good for him?

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yesssss omg your giving me such good ideas, i’m thinking of so many things to include in my writing !!


Uhm not really. When it comes to names you can choose whatever you prefer! I suggest using website

for first names and

for last names. They both show meaning and alternative spellings if present, it’s excellent.


I believe that an author has the right to make their own fantasy world revolving the mafia and how they imagine it… however the romanticizing of some aspects of it can be concerning.

One would be when the MC is kidnapped by the rival mafia and she ends up falling in love with the rival mafia leader. Talk about Stockholm syndrome!

Completely not okay and unrealistic.

I did mention that an author has the ability to write whatever they want, and if that involves the MC being kidnapped and falling in love with their kidnapper, then so be it. But, realistically, this isn’t accurate at all and that isn’t how love starts if we’re attempting to be realistic.

Whereas the location always being in New York… it can be anywhere you want! But, doing research would always be ideal in finding the roots where the mafia came from.

Now, onto the thing that kinda irks me… even though its just a preference of mine… would have to be the MC marrying a rival mafia leader for merging business or whatever… In the personal research I’ve done, this isn’t really how the mafia runs… at all. However, I prefer realism in stories and as I’ve said a million times already, an author can write whatever they want! If it’s well written and developed, AND ORIGINAL… I am okay with it. :grin:


yessss thank uu a ton!!!


AHHH, I don’t like it when authors do this, its an absolute NO. It’s literally a mental illness and authors show it as romantic. If they write about a person being kidnapped, but they fall in love with the kidnapper DO NOT ROMANTICIZE it. write it how it is, and it’s Stockholm syndrome.


Indeed, that’s how royalty and aristocracy worked, once upon a time. Mafia groups would straight up just kill each other.


Think about it from your character’s perspective.
You need to give them a strong drive. Beyond family business what makes the MC need to be the heir. Beyond sibling rivalry. Is it power that motivates them? Why can they absolutely not be second in command? Before anything else your character HAS to have strong motivation.

Without motivation there is no reason to need to be the heir.

Now, treat it as a monarchy. This monarchy means that when running well you have access to everything you want. Power, money, infamy, everything. Only, to remain the most powerful in the monarchy and get the most/best resources you need to, kill traitors, silence opposing speakers, and use your influence to make every word be unwritten.

Your characters HAVE to understand this.

When they do that means they are willing to do everything mentioned above to be the best. That means instead of making friends and dating they make connections with higher ups, politicians, lawyers, judges, everyone they need if something goes wrong. Instead of studying homework they’re busy learning how to use weapons. Instead of getting pizza, as so many stories do, they have to smuggle in illegal items.

This means that instead of joking and being clumsy, they should be able to formulate detailed plans to reach their goals.

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Mhmmmm, I think authors forget how ruthless the mafia really is.
That’s because episode stories downplay it.

okay so at first i was thinking a rival mafia (NOT the Mexican mafia) was making their heir & the Italian mafia heir merge together and marry each other. but for some reason (haven’t come up with a reason yet) they would cancel the marriage. butttttttt this isn’t realistic sooooo i’m not going to do it anymore, since i want my story to be as realistic as possible :))

BUTTTT this would not be the MC’s mafia marrying the Italian mafia btw

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yessss i agree with this !

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My opinion (No hate)

In these mafia stories, they all usually have the same plot or one here with the Italian mafia, rival mafia leaders falling in love, or something cliche. Anyways they fall in love and they live happily EVER AFTER!!! Just don’t no no no no most of the mafia stories I have read the authors portray these characters as something their not totally moving from the fact that they kill torture, traffic, and abuse people!!!

i swear i had more to say but forgot


I think a Mafia story that ends badly would be interesting, rather than the happy ending cliche. Bad ending would also make for sense because of how dangerous that life is.


I have a good video recommendation for those of you who want to learn more about the mafia and how it actually works!

Go on youtube and search “The Economics of the Mafia” by Jake Tran.

His video is very educational and can help authors who are thinking of writing a mafia story get some real knowledge.


anyone recommend any GOOD mafia stories?

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maybe mine, when it comes out :sweat_smile: i don’t know if the description would peak your interest though

tysm !!