Let's discuss what makes a story great in your opinion


So, I’m currently working on some stories and I started thinking about what the readers like in the stories they read. And I know this has a lot to do with what genre the story is and peoples opinions and stuff, but let me know what you prefer. :blush:

Some things to discuss:

You’re searching for a story to read.
Do you look for a story in a specific style (ink, classic, LL)?
Or do you look for a great story no matter what style it is?

So, you’ve decided to read a story you have high hopes for. You make yourself comfortable and start playing the story.
How do you prefer the first scene and first episode to be?
Do you want the first scene to jump right in to action, or do you prefer a slower start?
How do you like the main character being presented to you?
And how about other important characters?
Do you like long, descriptive narrators?
Something else?

What is your deal breaker? Why do you continue or stop reading a story?
And I know for many it’s the grammar and spelling (and I totally agree on that one btw) but I would like to hear something else.

Need ANY help? Get help with any questions you have!

I personally don’t like reading stories in classic, but am good with ink and Limelight. I don’t like stories where the 1st chapter ends on a cliff hanger you were expecting. Like let’s say in the description, the author writes: What happens when you get pregnant by the bad boy? And then the chapter ends with you getting pregnant. I stop reading a story when the episodes get super long and the narrator talks too much. I like to see the character in action, and it comes across as kind of lazy (to me) when authors just tell the whole story through the square bubbles. Also, make sure when you make the MC choose between love interests, you give a choice to be gay, lesbian, or remain single. I look for stories that show diverse characters, and genders and don’t promote hateful or bias ideas. Remember to let your readers make SOME choices (I know the coding is so annoying :joy: ) But so that’s basically it. HAPPY WRITING! :grin:


Limelight is my favorite style to read, but I understand that Ink might be more popular and I’m not opposed to reading an Ink story (Classic doesn’t bother me either but I have not seen a trending Classic story in maybe a year).
I’d prefer a story that jumps right into the action. A common tactic I see is when the author shows a short scene of action and then says, “Let’s start at the beginning.” It might seem cliche but I think it’s a good way to capture the reader’s attention even if your plot doesn’t start off action-packed or super dramatic. I really dislike when a story starts with character customization, especially if it’s multiple characters at once. I’d rather customize characters as they’re introduced (although I really don’t care for CC in general - I enjoy seeing the characters as the author envisioned them).
I think it’s important for the backgrounds of characters to be shown, not told. Flashbacks can help this point out greatly. Basically, I hate when characters are presented with lengthy bios and backstories every time they enter the scene. Don’t spit word vomit out about your character’s family dynamic or friendships: Show a scene where these relationships are conveyed with actions.
Long, descriptive narrators can really enhance a story if done right. When the author is a good writer (not meaning good storyteller, meaning a good writer with a good vocabulary, grammar, control of language), I like a descriptive narrator because it can feel like a novel. If technical writing isn’t an author’s strong suit, long narration might not be the way to go.
The biggest incentive for me to keep reading is a good cliffhanger. Like any piece of literature, a cliffhanger is so effective because you feel like you just HAVE to keep reading. However, I agree that a predictable cliffhanger is ineffective for me because it negates the air of suspense that usually propels the reader to the next chapter.
My biggest deal breaker (other than grammar and spelling) is bad characters. If I can’t find one character I really like - or really like to hate - within the first chapter, the plot better be amazing, because that’s probably the only way I’ll continue.


I would prefer to read a story that is ink. I find the animations for LL and classic kind of weird, like the way the characters moves? ( It is just an opinion of mine, I’m not against LL and classic in any way. Don’t come at me please. ) I would rather read a story that jumps right to the action. The readers would pick up on the story right away, even though they do not know what is going on. Which would get the readers, like me, to continue reading. How I would like the main characters being present to me? Hmm… From what @luciaricci said… Would be better if the characters were presented in a scene before customization. It seems more creative that way. But honestly, I’m ok with having customizations from the beginning instead. Since that’s what most stories do nowadays. How other important characters being presented however, when they enter to a scene… I rather having the characters have a conversation with each other and the readers would pick up from what they learned about the characters and their relationship with the main character…or maybe a little descriptive bio of themselves in the narrative box when they enter the scene. I think descriptive narration would appeal to our senses as we read. It would give the story more of a 3rd dimension. I seen stories that would do a long narration with not much of a scene or action in a story, which is a turn off for me to the point I would exit out of the story. Grammar or too many text slangs in the story are a huge turn off… :roll_eyes: Directing or animation errors would annoy me and probably make me stop reading. Sometimes there can be stories that are not well developed or not make sense, which can be an issue while reading. I would continue to read a story if it had unexpected plot twists, episodes ends in cliff hangers, and well developed characters.


Thank you for your opinion! :blush:


Thank you for your opinion. What you said about narraiting is really somethin to think about, for all authors.


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