Let's do a R4R!

Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone was interested in R4R! I know it is sooooo annoying not having people read your stories, so I would be more than happy to do a read-for-read! :smile: If you are interested, please pm me and I will make sure to send you screenshots of your story! :heart: (No ghosting though :ghost:)

My story:

Title: The Fashion Girl

Description: Laura used to not know the difference between heels and sneakers, but after moving to Paris and coming back 8 years later? You get a funny, pretty girl with one drama-filled story!

*there is limited customization for the main character, but full customization for the love interest (there are also choices and I am thinking about adding music)

Please tell me if you are interested in doing a R4R :heart:

Here is my story link!


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