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@t3ss4_n0v4 Thanks for the tag! :eyes::purple_heart:

Well, I wanna share sth too…
The SWY story “Closer Than Two Magnets” wouldn’t even be at this platform if it wasn’t for my sis Nova :pleading_face:
At first, when I planned this story, I wanted to do it alone, bcz I didnt believe in collaboration. I thought the way I imagine my story to be, other people may imagine it in a different way.
But then, I realised while coding, that I couldn’t do it…alone.

Then, I finally mustered up the courage to ask if someone could co-write with me. It was an angel who replied to my thread first. I didn’t look back, and went straight to her dms.
And now, I don’t regret a thing at all. I’m happy that…with asking for a co-writer to make my dream story come true, not only I found an amazing co-writer, I also found a kind, supportive and amazing person as my sister. (Yeah, I dont have any sisters related by blood, but…she’s. :purple_heart: )

And together, we were able to publish 3 episodes within the deadline.
I think this is what people call… “A Teamwork!” :clinking_glasses::purple_heart:


This is so heartwarming :sob:


Her patience is also worth mentioning. She wasn’t like any other people who would’ve went berserk to know that I spent time on my own solo project until we’re literally rushing the final hours :joy:

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I finally released new episodes of my story.


Congratulations :two_hearts::heart:

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