Let's get aroud to support each other for real!

Hello everbody!
Since I am new in episode I realized that every author is so nice, kind and you guys are all ready to help each other. That’s why I find courage to promote my story here. Besides I am also curious about other authors stories and I would love to support them.
Here is my short story that I have just completed.
The story contains lots of romance, grown up affairs and real drama. I think this mature story is going to affect deeply readers even it is composed by 4 episodes.
NO basic lovetriangles, NO highschool dramas, NO lasting forever flirting.
Hope you give a shot and like it! I tried to do my best.
Title: Story of Desires
Author: Gokcu
Instagram: gokcu_episode

If you can share your opinios about Story of Desires and the link of yours I would love to do the same.
Thanks again…

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