Let's get Episode to notice this!

So, when previewing a story that you’re writing, it fast forwards to the spot you want to be at. They should give the option to directly skip through it instead of speeding through eeeeeverything to get to the point you want to be at. Especially if you’re writing a long episode and you want to preview something at the end. It takes forever!


I think this is the wrong category for this.

Tap/click on “Navigation” then tap/click on Scenes which takes you directly to a specific scene you want. So if you want to preview something at the end of the episode, go to the last scene in your episode.

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There was a solution long ago… Plus if your on the laptop you are more and like clicking the scene before. And your title is wrong

Just click on the scene you want to go to…

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Closed since this is in the wrong category and should be made in Feature + Art Suggestions. Please make sure that no existing requests for this exist, and that your request follows the Feature Request Guidelines. Thanks :slight_smile: