Lets Get LITTT! Party Time!

Hey ya’ll… anyone else bored? Yes? Lets get LITTT then! Try not to go too crazy…

Just kidding this is time to get litttttttttt


Yee…go lit​:hugs::hugs::hugs:
wait…what is the meaning of lit​:sweat_smile::thinking:

get crazyyyyyyyyyy

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Ohh…let’s go lit then​:joy::hugs::ok_woman:


Come join my academy just pm me your deets!!!

I’m the principal called Miss Briar.


Girll! I’mma bring endless champagne!!

Lol,hope you are good one then😂 but what you actually do in RP🤔

Grab the juke box and everythinggggg!


You pretend your a student there.

I am a student , but what ? Mean how​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Gurll get dancing!

I kinda think they should have fortnite moves on episode.

:joy:and now you are going to send a party place background from Episode :sweat_smile:so we feel like we are there?


You lot I’m reading my diary entry on my other thread…