Let's get some review! R4R included

I just uploaded my 4th story. Not much reads, as I have never ever tried to even speak out loud about them. No instagram with them, no facebook account, nothing really, I just wanted to write them.
(I’m european, where english is not a first language, so excuse me my mistakes here, once in a while [ma language grammar was fair enough to get sorted].

So in this topic:
let me know about your stories, as I’m trying to read everything my followers have in offer.
Don’t want to be rude, but I am looking for story with sense, with some clever directions too.

So please, leave your comment here, I’ve got two days off now! I will read as much as I can,
And maybe just maybe, you’ll read my story too :wink:

Story I want you to read (go for all 4 of them!:P)
LINK: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4770926761213952
TITLE: Returns
Author: Raniksa STORIES
GENRE: Romance
My story is about 26yo girl named Oriana, who we first meet when she came back home. Small town in minnesota. She is saying herself that she is there for a reason, during first few chapters she is meeting new people, see some old friends that she haven’t been in touch with for years, and slowly during chapters we’re learning why. And all her reasons, not really clear for everyone or logical for everyone, are explained.
She left her home town years ago, her old friends are now strangers, she does have some family issues too, and nothing is really clear in her life, and it all has a purpose. It’s hard to explain what this story is about in simple words, you can say it’s about commitment, it’s about how memories can haunt you, memories about some bad decisions you made, even if you’re happy in the moment. It’s about trying to be honest with those who once were so important, or maybe being honest with yourself, after many years of being scared to admit it. It’s about how hard relationships can be, because it’s not always about those happy moments in life, not always about smiles and laughs, it’s about one main thing, that if you don’t know how to love yourself, you won’t be able to love anyone else, it’s about how hard is to communicate sometimes, even when the person who you try to open up with, is the same person you were talking every day for years. And so, it’s about mistakes from the past which still have massive impact on your reality, even if you’re trying to leave them behind. Or maybe, because you’re trying to do that. Because if you run away once, you’ll always be on the run, and so returns are the most terrifying thing you can do, but you already made up your mind.

Hi! Would you like read my story? :blush:

Author: Cribb
Genre: Drama
Description: Cleo’s life changes right before her departure for Spain. Will this holiday help her to forget, or everything will get worse?
No one can be trusted.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5288765660987392

We can do Reviw4Review if you want!

Sure! I’ll get to your story in about an hour, is that ok? :slight_smile:

Hi! I would love to check out your story ! I’ll add it to my list rn!
So here’s my story if you’re interesed in reading it! :slight_smile:
Here’s my story:
Title: Girlhood
Author: Oumnia
Genre: Drama
Description: Kethius might seem like any ordinary teenage boy but in fact he hides a unique secret…
Number of Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Instagram: oumniaepisode
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5172961657356288

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I’m on it :wink: actually reading your story just now
In my other story foolish games I also have a dumb blonde named Trish :smiley:

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Hahahahahaha what a coincidence :joy::joy::joy:

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Hi, Raniksa!

Thank you very much for creating this thread, this is very kind of you!

If you are interested in reading a story with several mini-games and where CHOICES REALLY MATTER then, please, give my story a try. This is my first story ever but I have put a lot of effort in it and would highly appreciate any feedback! I promise, the story will keep you hooked :blush:

My story details:

Name of story: H & V: Fate
Author: Alex Af
Genre: Thriller
Episodes: 4 (completed)
Summary of story: Young ambitious journalist hunting down a powerful tycoon who has made a fortune based on lies. But who really is a villain here? Choices matter.
Link to story: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6548486212681728
Instagram: @episode.alex.af

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This is my first story and I would love some feedback! For now it has 4 episodes but I am updating it.

Title: My Semester Abroad

Author: Mariana Fidalgo

Genre: Drama

Description: Mia Travis is starting the adventure of her life when she gets accepted as an exchange student in Germany. Love, drama, sorrow and friendship. How is your heart going to take it?

I would love it if you read my story! We could do a read for read. Read my story and send me screenshots and I’ll start yours!
Here are my story details!

Title: H & V: Deadly Love
Author Name: Afra S.
Description: Adriana is preparing for her wedding unaware of her past which isn’t as normal as she thinks. After a meeting with her parents she discovers a secret which changes her life forever.
Chapters: 3 chapters (Ongoing)
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Mystery (You will find it in the Fantasy section)
Style: Ink
Additional details: Includes character customization, LGBT love interests, Your choice matters.
Instagram: @episode_afra
Story Cover:
Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5352352244957184

I’m going to send you some screenshots after I read it :wink:

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Hi Raniksa,
I’m a new author and I know how hard it is to get reads. I will most definitely check out your story and let you know when I’ve read at least 3 chapters of it. Here are the details of mine:
Title: H & V: Lie to me
Author: Alexandra Mar
Genre: Mystery/Drama with romantic subplots
Description: After only serving 3 years of a 25 to life sentence, Aiden Suarez is mysteriously released. But wait, what’s that? Oh right, “Aiden Suarez” no longer exists.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6378501067505664

Thank you very much! I am really looking forward to your feedback!


Hi Alexandra!
Sorry for late reply, but, eh, adult life is killing me with work lately, so… yeah.
I just added your story to fv so I’m going to read it in few hours, just after I’ll be finished with requested special scenes and covers,
I’ll send you some screenshots after I’m done with my thoughts, can’t wait :slight_smile:
and thank you for replying for my post! :slight_smile:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: