Let's get to know each other more!

Feel free to share something personal about yourself, if you want to; a little known fact; misconceptions about you; what you’re passionate about; your zodiac sign; mental or physical health problems; what you love about yourself; what you would change about yourself; your celeb crush; favourite music etc

The above questions are just examples, you can add more if you want to, on the contrary, you don’t need to answer all the questions, just add as much info about yourself as you wish

Thanks in advance x


I’m Sam.
I’m older than most.
I’m a horror movie junkie and a gummy worm eater.
I have a odd sense of humor.
My hair is always a odd color and
I love supporting the small author community.

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I love horror movies haha, which one’s your favourite?

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1978’s Dawn of the Dead
Return of the Living Dead
I love them all. I watch the B rated ones and the found footage ones lol


Wow, a true horror aficionado! x

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I love puns and I have a twisted sense of humor :smiling_imp:

Also I love helping people!

Action and comedy are my fav genres. I love mystery games where you search for clues like Agatha Christie.

I love supporting authors who don’t have many reads and/or aren’t well known (through my recommendation shelf on the app where I try to recommend gems, I like keeping my shelf unique and through my Instagram where I recommend whatever I like) :sunglasses:

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What’s your insta handle?
What’s your favourite episode story atm? x

I love listening to music a lot

Most people assume just because I’m quiet at school I’m always like that

I love comedy movies

People think I’m weird when I say bacon is nasty

I was quiet at school too haha. What sort of music do you like?

Most of the time I listen to rap hip hop sometimes r&b like Tyler The Creator, Kali Uchis, BROCKHAMPTON, and Logic just to name a few.

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jem776x – main with story shout outs

jem29x-story screenshots

I mostly post positive messages these days as opposed episode stuff. Sometimes I feel like I don’t need Instagram, I don’t even use it for my Episode stuff. But then I keep it because I can talk to my friends on there and reach a further audience that I can help.

Favorite story atm is Welcome to the Amazon Forest (the author has a wicked awesome sense of humor and directing is mind-blowing) as well College Days: Psychology 101 by Annie Edison which is pure freaking gold, super funny and the author is soooo kind <3 Also love Infamous Topdogs by Alexandria and The Heart So Bright (Christmas theme) by MidnightMaiden as well I will Always Find You which has a lot of spooky twists…OK, I have a lot of favs atm, can’t decide.

Another fact about me = I love rock music, pop punk, heavy metal (I love it when they scream) :laughing:


Might check some of those stories out!
Awesome music taste :smile: I love rock music!

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my name is Josefine

I love to write but I am dyslexia. I did first learn to read when I was 17. dyslexia is only one of my many diagnoses, I have high function autism
I have had depression and been suicidal after been bullied most of my school.
despite all this, I am 23 now, have a university degree and a really good paying job. and are happy

also, I collect toys and teddy bears


I have a weird sense of humour and I’m actually super insecure even though I never show it to anyone. Also almost no one know this but I once tried to kill myself with alcohol, pills and cutting my arms. I was around 15 or 16 at that time.

I’m really passionate about animals, manga and anime.

Zodiac sign is Saggitarius.

Mental health is better than it used to be, I guess you could say that I’m recovering from moderate depression. Physical healtg is idk ok I guess, I could be in a better shape tho.

What I love about myself is that after everything on my life and my battle with depression I was able to be strong enough to survive this long.

I would probably change my face since I’m not very pretty. But weirdly enough I wouldn’t want my scars to not be on my skin.

Favourite music is pop, EDM and anime opening and endings. Also nightcore but that isn’t a music genre or anything soo idk.


Your strength is inspiring to me, keep it up!
Congrats on your degree. x

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thanks. I wish I could back to my old teacher who hated me because I could not read and show her I toped all my classes in university

sometimes its strange to think in a few years I went from the girl who was failing everything to a top student

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A fellow fire sign haha, I’m an Aries.
Keep on surviving, all the best x

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Thanks I will! :heart:

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You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.
You achieved your degree all by yourself, for yourself and not anyone else.

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I’ve only heard of two out four on that list :laughing: :blush: x