Let's get to know each other

Hey ^^ Since I’m still a pretty new writer I thought that maybe getting to know other people in this huge community could be a big help.
So yeah who are you guys? What are your hobbies? What stories do you like?

I’m really into drawing and watching anime of course as my profile picture might give away.
Usually I’m really into action and fantasy but right now I’m working on a high school romance story myself.
It’s called Carus Academy. What kind of stories did you write so far?


I’m good.

Oh I like drawing,singing, dancing and watching movies lol.

My favourite episode stories are Chain Reaction, New girl, If only he knew and It’s just 4 letters.

My favorite genres are:

Btw welcome! :yellow_heart:

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We’re the baddest bois. ;^) We’re a duo (Mariboi & Lampboi) that write, code, art and shitpost. Come and chat with us @thebaddestbois on Insta. Honestly, we’re pretty new to the Episode scene as well ahahha.

Lampboi likes to draw and draws most of our art scenes. I (Mariboi) like to read and direct. Umm, lately I started rock climbing as a hobby and it’s been fun. Both of us are weebs (anime fans) and we watch plenty of shows. We also enjoy kpop and krock bands! We’ll love to be your friend and read your highschool story. :heart:

Omg New girl is like my absolute favorite !!!

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