Let's get to know each other!

Ayo! I’m new to the episode forums and as well as a new episode author. I would like to get to new all of you wonderful people in the episode community! This topic is just going to be a way for us to chat, make friends and connect with one another. :heart: :blob_hearts:


Hi @Peach_episode ! I’m new to the forums & to writing for episode / coding, too.

What are your favorite things to write about?

I like writing comedies, or sitcom type stories. Hbu?

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I generally have some element of fantasy/supernatural/spirituality in what I actually end up finishing, but I love writing short monologues that are filled with heavy metaphors. I used to write a lot of dark poetry so that’s probably why hahahaha

What is your favorite quality about yourself?

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I think my favourite quality is my sense of leadership, I’m really good at being outgoing and enthusiastic and being the leader and helping people succeed. Hbu?

Hi, welcome to the community! I’m Mistye, also an author (well, not yet since I’m not finished my story lmfao)!

Random question but currently, what would you say is your favourite story (I hope that made sense xd)?

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Howdy! I’m Roger (well, I’m a girl, but everyone calls me Roger. Lol) I haven’t written an Episode story, though I might turn one of the other stories I’m writing into one someday. I too like writing comedy!

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That’s so cool!

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Probably my favourite story right now is Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee. I love it, She’s so funny I wish I could write like her!

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