Let's Go Camping!

Hello lovely forum users!

This is my official thread, meant for my book 'Lets Go Camping! In this thread, you will be able to discuss my book and be able to see updates on my book! So please, clog up this thread with everything you wanna say about my book and every preview youll be able to see.

About my book:

Eight campers and their guide go onto a camping trip arranged by their school. The class goes on an adventure through the deep woods, and maybe thell even uncover a mystery!

My book will contain :

Mature aspects ; Death, Murder, Swearing. etc.

Sound and Music

Now, so this thread will hopefully get attention, ill establish a little community game for you all to play...

How many likes can we get!?!?!?

I will be creating prizes for you all to reach with the help of others, liking this post.

The current prizes are :

1 Like : A personal reward, ill do anything you want!

5 Likes : A quick prewview for you all to witness!

10 Likes : I will create an Instagram profile made for Episode Interactive where i show off my books.

15 Likes : Daily polls about my book.

I have no idea and i honestly dont think well reach this.

Anyway, let’s stop with the comic sans now. I hope you people are interested in my book and i’d love for you all to ask questions about it and such, hell, i’ll even throw in some previews if you ask nicely.

Thank you for your time!


Edit 1*

Tagged Forumers :




Greetings to all!

I have noticed i have gotten 5 likes!

This means we can stripe off the first two current prizes!

Firstly, our first prize goes to @lanafrazer_episode, you were the first one to like my post on this thread, as stated in the prizes list, i’ll do anything you want me to do!

Secondly, a preview, this is basically a dimly-lit version of the actual book cover!


Thank you for your time!


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Honestly, i do not know who to tag in the posts, so i’ll just create a poll!

  • Tag me!
  • Don’t tag me!

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Thanks! Well, I am totally interested in reading your story!! Okay, I have a question, playing as a male or female? You can tell me more about your story. Sounds thrilling.

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You basically play as all eight of the characters, minus the ones that die before you can play them plus the guide at one point!

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ooooo this is very interesting. Is your story out?

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Not yet, but the deadline is Sunday!

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awesome. :grin:

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It has come to my realisation that my book is too similar to another franchise, it saddens me to say this book has been officially cancelled, i’m sorry everyone.


Which franchise?


oh wow. Okay. :scream:

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