Let's hear some of your ideas!


What things would you like to see in future episode updates?
Personally I would like to be-able to make outfits on app, publish app stories and a choose a style!
Comment some of your ideas!

Make sure to like so maybe episode will see!

~~Jade :thinking:


I would like to see new stories that been published. Also if they can create something where the readers take a survey what they think about the story. So the Author knows if there is anything they need to work more on.


Wow! That’s an amazing idea!


Thanks. I feel new Authors need to get more recognition. Its hard for them because you need to have certain amount of reads and there is s lot of good new stories out there


I understand, they put so much commitment into their stories yet theres no-way to find them.




It’s a bit pointless writing a story then, unless you have a friend who can somehow advertise it in someway.


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