Let's help eachother with coding errors

If you are writing your story and it says "ERROR’ you can ask for help here, we are all glad to help each other and support each other!


Thanks for this thread! I will ask for help when I have problems.

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Bump :yellow_heart:

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Moved to Directing Helps and Tips since this is for coding help. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:


There are some things that I would like to receive help with.

I am using the Spotlight format and I created a nameless character named ‘‘Who’’ to add the effect of the character’s names not appearing until they’re being introduced. However, during the, what I call, second scene there are two of my characters who remain idle even though they have an animation assigned to them (Sarah and Farah on their first dialogue as nameless characters by having ‘‘who’’ become them. Somehow John works just fine.)
This is the code:

volume sound 0 2000
@zoom on 0 0 to 103% in 0
@PROFESSOR spot 1.280 211 0 in zone 1
@PROFESSOR moves to layer 10
@speechbubble is 121 310 to 103% with tail_top_right

@WHO becomes SARAH
@SKYE changes into SkyeFSchool

@WHO left

    PROFESSOR (callout_neutral)
| color:gray |Alright, folks. Do we have everyone?

@speechbubble is 160 270 to 103%
|italic, color:gray|YEEEEEEEES..

sound off

    PROFESSOR (talk_disgusted_atcamera_loop)
| color:gray |Jeez, I'm just making sure..

    WHO (film_phone_happy_loop)
| color:gray |This is the first time that a school trip is actually exciting for a change.

@WHO becomes JOHNDOE
@WHO right

    WHO (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
| color:gray |I don't think you're allowed to go on the phone yet, | color:blush , bold |Sarah| color:gray |.

@SARAH left

    SARAH (talk_argument_angry)
| color:gray |Can you shut the fuck up, freak?

    SARAH (talk_accuse_angry)
| color:gray |You're not even allowed to wear your disgusting black lipstick and piercings.

@WHO becomes FARAH

    WHO (talk_argue_angry)
| color:gray |That ''freak'' is named | color:blush , bold |John| color:gray | and you're acting as if you don't have any lipstick on!

    SKYE (idle_awkward_scratch_loop)
| italic , color:gray |(Damn.. I'm glad my make-up is subtle..)

Is this a problem in the script or just an error? I’m not sure…

The Episode app doesn’t seem to recognize sounds either, like the bus driving past or murmurs.

instead of this:

@Pseukira left

try this:

@PROFESSOR faces right
@Pseukira faces left

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I tried your suggestion and sadly it didn’t work. ‘‘Who’’ disguised as Sarah and, later on, Farah remained idle but facing the other way. Then I tried this:

@Pseukira left
@PROFESSOR faces left
@Pseukira faces right

And they’re back in place again but still idle.

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do you want them to do an animation or face a direction?

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An animation, but I managed to solve it. @Pseukira was a male character and that’s why John turned out fine whereas Sarah and Farah didn’t animate at all. I deleted the character and made the same character in both male and female variants. This has solved my problem. Thank you so much for being willing to help me! :heart:


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