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Hey lovelies :blush:

Far too many authors go unrecognised, so let’s try to change that.

Post your story name below with a small description and the link.

If you have instagram, lets connect @paiges.stories

My story is called: BORN TO RULE


Story Description: Accalia is a young she-wolf who becomes banished by her own pack. Destined for more and harbouring a dark secret, can a rogue wolf help her take back what is her’s?


hey queen <33 I’d love to do R4R with anyone :kissing_closed_eyes::v:t2:

title: After Him
description: Having a hard life is difficult for Amelie. What happens when her life turns upside down after she meets him? Is her rich life as great as it seems…? * CC *


Thank you so much for sharing your story!! That cover is beautiful :heart_eyes:

Adding your story to my list and will read it today. Do you have instagram?? X x

I’ll follow u :smiley:

Hiya I’d love to do r4rs with people.
The name of the story is Me and My Teacher and it’s a romance story.
Basically there’s a teacher at the school like a couple of years older than the mc. She ends up with him and they have to battle to keep it a secret but there’s unexpected twists and turns along the way.


Thank you for sharing your story!! I will give it a read now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The link to my story is http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5599807650070528

If you have instagram connect with me @paiges.stories

Psychopathic |8 out now|
Here is description
Sometimes we do bad things for people we love. But keep in mind I would never do anything to hurt you… Well that’s what I think
1LI|choices matter|

Genre: thriller
Some spoilers/sneakpeaks/ or whatever you call it lol

Link to my story! Would love to hear positive feedback!


Thank you so much for sharing! Your story and the art look incredible :heart_eyes: I will add you on Instagram and send you a message once I’ve finsihed reading your story. Would really appreciate if you read mine in return :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: x x

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Hey, I see you have 8 chapters. Would you like to do a 8x8 r4r with me?

Dm me on Instagram if you’d like to!

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Would you like to do a 8x8 r4r with me?

Please dm me on IG if you do

I only have 6 chapters out but I will happily read all 8 of yours if you still read my story?? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: x

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Yes I would love to!

Thank you so much!! What’s your Instagram?? I will message you :blush: x

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Thanks for the thread!
I made this story in 2019 but when I tell you I lacked SKILL.
I’ve finally updated it.

Title: 699: The Series
Desc: An illegitimate son of a rich family, moves from Quebec to Ontario not knowing what he’ll get himself into. He works into a junior police force with friends until he becomes King.
Genre: Action, Drama, Comedy
Style: LL
Author: Solarnetic
Episodes: 11 {ONGOING}
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5128905113272320
PM me or DM my insta for an R4R!

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Hey! Thanks for sharing this thread. I can’t promise I can do a r4r (I’m trying to catch up on a lot of ft entries) but if anyone wants to check out my contest entry, here it is! I’d appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s info about my story!

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5305767660552192

Plot: After a dangerous encounter, you and your friends are caught in the center of a dark event. With shocking secrets, dire circumstances, and hot strangers, what’s in store for you?

In this story…

  • You can choose the gender of the MC
  • There are 6 nonhuman love interests (3 guys and 3 girls).
  • Choices matter.
  • Point Systems are used (friendship and romance).
  • GOLD CHOICES drastically impact the story.
  • Episode 3 has two (very interesting) alternate endings.
  • You get to customize all the MC’s friends! Each episode will feature CC for some characters.
  • There’s a Cameo Runway! (Anyone who sends me a cameo for the story will get to walk the red carpet!)
  • There’s a huge mysterious secret kept among all the characters that remains hidden from the MC throughout the story.
  • There are four dimensions: Human, Fairy, Demon, and Vampire.

I really hope you check it out and enjoy! For any updates, comments, questions, or random conversations through DM, please follow me on Instagram! @crimsoncat6_episode


hiii! If anyone wants to do a R4R with me I’m literally open to everyone’s stories.

story name: Queen of the Cartel LL

genre: Action

story description: You both are leaders of ruthless cartels, what happens when the unexpected enters your life and takes a turn for the worst? Will Mercedes and Elijah find peace? Or misery?

Instagram: haj_episode AND author.maa

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Hello!! Thanks for making this thread I would love to do a R4R with someone my story is posted below to whoever would like to do one and yes I am currently working on episode 8 so if you happen to finish up to 7 episodes and if I finish up coding episode 8 I will send you the brand new link so you can read episode 8!!

Story title Heartbreaker To Lovers
Author Lucy on episode(aaron_ailee_episode)
Genre Romance
Trigger warning This story contains at times scenes where there is child abuse and self harm so I have added skip options for those scenes.

  1. List item

Story description Lucy is the nerd of the school and when she finds love she only gets heartbroken will she find the love of her life? Or will she be alone forever read to find out
Episodes 7 episodes but episode 8 is on it’s way with more episodes to come
Style Limelight
Link http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4712186153467904


Hey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I messaged you on your Instagram x

Thank you so much for sharing your story!! It’s okay, I have a few stories to get through myself but I have added yours to the list!!! I will message you when I’ve read it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: x x

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