Let's make a group! (bc I'm always bored)

Hi peoples of episode! somehow I’m always in the forum annoying everyone and I am happy to announce I’m back to do exactly that! … again :joy:
So is there anybody in here that likes photography?? If so lets make a bomb as hell group :joy:

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Add me im good at editing and script

I was more hoping for a photography group, but I would still like to be friends

can i make u a cover

Sure why not

Ok what do u want

i’ll dm you

Yay btw can you help? people are bullying me on here

Bullying you?


people on here are acusing me and i work minmum wage

Yesssss! I’m keen to join!

Can u show me your work?


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i posted it many times already check activity plz

can we be friends

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Yes! Just message me or add me on insta! episode.caliana

Ok we are friends :slight_smile:

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