Lets make R4R ( no ghosting/ no ignoring)

Hey guys how are you?
İf u are a small write u would know how hard is find a reader.yeah i know… i know :expressionless: so i want to R4R with u but i have a few rules


1.u wont make only R4R with me u should find another author who put her/his story in this topic
2.dont forget add ur story deets.

  • Story name:

  • Story description:

  • Story genre:

  • Story link:

  • Do u want to hear my thoughts:

3.you should follow my Instagram (because why the hell not ! Right?)

4.i published 4 chapter we can make 4x4 or if u published 3 chapter we can make 3x3 too

5.i can turn you late sorry for that.because u know i am a student and i need finish my test/works

  1. The most important one no gosthing or ignoring when i read ur story i will take SS for each chapters so i am wanting that from you too

*İf u read my rules and u want R4R with me please write ur story down below i am waiting🥰
Btw here this is my story

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