Let's Make Up...Stories

Hey Forum Babes.

I personally thought it would be fun, to comment down story ideas. Let’s just make some up. It would be really fun. Someone could come back and use them, or you can use them yourself. It could be the craziest plot ever, just write it down here.

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This was my idea for the Clue contest (did not partake) and anyone can make their own twist to it vvv

MC wakes up in a forest and runs to the road were they luckily are found by a kind new detective and his cranky partner. MC doesn’t remember anything recent (cliche, I know, but it’s interesting later on). While in the hospital, their boy/girl-friend visit, hugs them. Very happy. A bit of news of murders while chilling. Then a person who looks just like MC bursts in claiming to be the MC and voila- MC is arrested…




Madison University, a university that has always been famous, but when no one imagines teachers start to disappear students too, you only have one choice, that is to find them.

I hope this idea is good!



Plot idea
It’s 1910 and you’re an explorer, you step foot into the wrong jungle and you’re taken hostage by a tribe who can speak the same language of you and are known as the “Guardians” but they wont tell you what they’re guarding and they claim you are the “Chosen one”. What will you do?

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That’s amazing!! I love that idea, it’s so creative. :heart:


I believe it would be a good mystery.

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You wake up after a long, long slumber…

All of your memories regarding love have become blank.

Suddenly, you see the face of a female, staring right into your eyes. She explains to you that she is your wife and that you’d been together for over 5 years.

Upon the arrival of your so-called home, you don’t feel welcomed. You feel imprisoned.

You were about to head to bed, when you hear a scream coming from down below. You tippy-toe through the dark, ominous basement when you find a suspicious looking door.

Opening it, you spot another woman tied up. Oddly enough, you surprisingly seem to recognise her. After letting her free, she tells you: “Your so-called ‘wife’ is a danger. We have to get out of here as soon as possible.”


:cat_shocked: That is amazing, I’m SHOOK

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Thank you!

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A Girls Mind

When teenage boy Carter, accidentally finds his mother’s blog to help women isn’t doing so well, he decides to step in. Little did he know, he has a girl’s mind. What happens when the world wants to know who he is?

I might use this.

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Nineteen year old Karma just wanted to have more independence. A little freedom from her controlling mom and workaholic father. What steve didn’t expect was finding her grandma halfway across the world. And maybe even realizing those parents aren’t really hers.

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On a field trip to Ancient Egypt. You and your friends get separated from the rest of your group. During your separation, you and your friends stumbled upon a phone hidden in the wall that looks like its been there for years. Who’s is it, and what secrets are the people of Ancient Egypt hiding?

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