Let's play a game (Never have I ever)

I have
Never have I ever had my bff not break up with me as a friend

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Never ever have I had a crush on my bestfriend.

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my bff is pan and i think im bi so yeah kinda
never have i ever dropped ice cream on my favorite shoes when i was ten (i know i have)

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oddly specific not never!

never have i ever pulled an all nighter

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every single day is now an all nighter for me.

never have i ever cursed in front of my parents and they did not care

I have (I grew up on a Navy base, surrounded by sailors, lol).

Never have I ever been to Canada.


i live here :grin:
never have i ever stepped on 3 ants at the same time or consecutively

you have to be odly specific iynyn

i have when i was younger

Never have i ever watched LDShadowLady

Never have I ever got stung by a bee.

Never Have I ever eaten sushi

i have not :face_with_peeking_eye:

never have i ever broken a bone?

never have i ever called out to someone but it wasn’t them and got embarassed

I have!
Never have i ever gone to the cinema alone