a weird creature
what is Episode

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A show with a bunch of shows in a show

What is gacha life?

mini little characters running around that u can create

what are shoes?

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Something you put on ur feet

What is make-up?

something u put on to make u look even more beautiful

What are colors?

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Something that’s not a shade

What is the sun?

A big star that gives us heat.

what is a tooth brush?

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something that you put toothpaste on

What’s a rainbow?

a rainbow is an illusion of colors.

What’s a picture?

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A tape that’s not a video

What is a tooth ache?

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Pain in tooth
What is a beach

A sandy area with water.

What’s a sock?

Something that you wear on your foot.
What is a bed?

Something people sleep on.

What’s a cup