Let's Play "Riff-Off!" (Lyrics Game)

(When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band) welcome to the black parade by my Chemical Romance

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(Ayyee love that song)

:notes: -band refused to yield; do you recall what was revealed the day, the… :notes: American Pie by Don McLean

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He is a hustler his no good at all. He is a loser with a he’s a bum bum bum Britney Spears (criminal)


Bum bum bum good times never seemed so good - sweet Caroline


so good Couple years flashin’ by And I’m doin’ okay In the back of my mind - So Good, Halsey

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My mind my minnnnddd my minnddd I’m bout loose my ( Yabba - My mind )

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My stupid heart Don’t know, I’ve tried to let you go So many times before Then wound up at - My stupid heart by walk off the earth

at last my love has come along my lonely days are over ( At last- Etta J)

The worlx can be a nasty place you know it I know it yeah we don’t have to fall for grace put down the weapons your fighting Selena Gomez kill em with kindness

Fighting , Still I’m fighting for you That’s what it comes down to what it comes down to. -Silver by Waterparks

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to get out of this Her diary, it sits by the bedside table The curtains are closed, the cats -
I just Died in your arms by the cutting Crew

Cool cats
Parked on the corner in a beat-up car
Dividing up a nickel candy bar

-Three Cool Cats by Young Blood

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bar room floor, The bartender said, “Don’t come in here no more” I passed out in the parking—

Stray cats: runaway train

parking lot he chased me and he wouldn’t stop tag you’re it tag tag you’re it

Tag Your It- Melanie Martinez