Let's practice our writing skills (list of prompts)

Sometimes we get stuck with writer’s block or we just don’t feel creative enough to come with an idea. That’s why I created this thread, we can all practice and help each other. I will reply with some prompts but feel free to share some prompts with us!

You can share what you wrote here if you like, but don’t feel obligated, what you write is completely yours and I hope it helps you with your story.

I hope you support this thread, you can also request some prompts (example: I want prompts to write a fantasy story, I want prompts to create an interesting mean girl).

You can also quote your favorite prompt from the thread and I will make sure to include more prompts of that kind (this is very helpful to me, I want to make sure that the prompts are useful)



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This is optional, but please PM if you used any of these prompts for your story. I would love to read your story and maybe promote it if it’s good <3


I want to try something new! I will insert images and list a few questions so you have inspiration. Let me know if you like this idea. :sparkles:


-A horrible crime happened in one of these places. Which one? Why do you feel this way?
-Your character was in of these places when the crime occurred. What was he/she doing there? Is he/she going to be incriminated?

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These are perfect for my upcoming story! Thanks! :grin:

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I’m glad to know that!! I will try to add more prompts like those

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If it wasn’t for the money, cars and movie stars and jewels
And all these things I’ve got
I wonder, hey
Would you still want me? (Want you)
Would you still be calling me? (Still calling you)
You be loving me? (I’ll be loving you)
Oh, oh, oh, oh

If it wasn’t for the money and the things I got
Sht, she probably wouldn’t like me*

"All the girls on the block knocking at my door
Wanna know what it is, make the boys want more"

"Take a sip of my secret potion
I’ll make you fall in love
For a spell that can’t be broken
One drop should be enough
Boy, you belong to me
I got the recipe and it’s called Black Magic
(And it’s called Black Magic)"

One of these images describes the relationship between MC and a lover with who she never had any romantic relationship (just a platonic love). Try to emulate the feelings that you feel at looking at these images and let your imagination roll.

Hi beautiful people! I want to let you know that I will delate some replies after 7 days, so if you like them save them on your notes or take screenshots.

Why I do that? because I don’t like threads with a lot of replies, I prefer to keep them with 30-40 replies so people can read them all in a short amount of time. I hope you don’t mind this :((

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please answer this questions, I need to know your preferences

I need prompts about the…

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  • friends/family members
  • backstory
  • MC
  • LI

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you prefer prompts about…

  • drama stories
  • fantasy stories
  • romantic stories
  • mystery stories

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One of these windows represents why your character feels resentment. Which one and why?

One of these images represents your character’s biggest fear and subconscious wish at the same time. Which one and why?


If one of these flowers was a person, how would it be? create a character inspired by this.

One of these images represents your character’s obsessions with a person and their actions towards that obsession. Which one and why?

Your character went to one of these stores and was treated poorly. Choose one image and create a story and dialogue behind it.



One of these images represents the death of your antagonist. Describe that (without being graphic) and think about the impact.



  • Let’s create a “mean girl”. She hates your MC, but not because of envy or anything superficial, she deeply believes your MC has bad qualities and MC is currently being a struggle in her life. Write about this and try to go with the flow.

  • Let’s create a scene where your character lost a lot of o money that he/she needed for something important. Would they do something immoral to get back the money?

  • Let’s create a group of friends where only one doesn’t fit there. Which friend will feel that way and why?

  • Your character entered a fancy house and made a horrible mistake there. Try to use your imagination and create a scene.

  • Your character hanged up with the wrong person and now she/he is in trouble because of that. Use your imagination and write about this.

  • Someone is stalking your character but no one believes him/her. Write about this, think about the least expected reason why anyone would do that.

  • Your character had an affair with someone and went to a motel/hotel with that person. Someone took pictures and now your character is in trouble. Write about this and think about the consequences.

  • Your character is celebrating something until a troublesome person appears. Think about this situation and include the least expected character.

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