Let's practice our writing skills (list of prompts)

Sometimes we get stuck with writer’s block or we just don’t feel creative enough to come with an idea. That’s why I created this thread, we can all practice and help each other. I will reply with some prompts but feel free to share some prompts with us!

You can share what you wrote here if you like, but don’t feel obligated, what you write is completely yours and I hope it helps you with your story.

I hope you support this thread, you can also request some prompts (example: I want prompts to write a fantasy story, I want prompts to create an interesting mean girl).

You can also quote your favorite prompt from the thread and I will make sure to include more prompts of that kind (this is very helpful to me, I want to make sure that the prompts are useful)


List 04:

Your character is in a famous pop group. Would it be the most famous member, or would be outshined by the rest? Try to be specific with the answers and get inspired by them.

Think about the best thing that someone told you. What would happen if someone tells that your antagonist hears those words?

Describe how your character would behave if someone hurts her/his family members.

What would happen if your character’s best friend doesn’t want to continue with the friendship? think about possible reasons.

Think about your mother/father meeting one of your characters in real life. Would they like him/her? would they be ok with you being friends or having a relationship with him/her? try to incorporate that in your story.


List 05:

Your character meets someone you hate (in real life). How would they react? Would they get along or would they hate each other?

Try to think about your plot in a different genre. How can you convert your drama story into comedy? (it’s just an example).

Describe how your best friend character would react if your character dies. Think about her/his life without your character.

Imagine your story plot occurring in your school/college/workplace. How would the dynamic be?

Think about your ex meeting the LI. Would your ex or LI hate each other or would they be friends?

What mistake would you change about your life? Try to create a story where you can correct that and think about the outcome.

I will continue with the lists when someone replies to this thread, maybe some of you have interesting prompts or have some requests. :sparkles: :heartpulse:



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List 06:

Your favorite singer meets your character. How would your character react? would they be excited or wouldn’t be interested at all?

Would your character be able to stalk someone for information? Under what circumstances would your character do that?

Think how your plot would be in another country. What kind of things would change?

Write a plot where bad people take control of the world. Would your character accept this new life or would they fight against tyranny?

Describe how would your character be if she/he was born in another era.

New people are moving to MC’s neighborhood and they aren’t nice. Does this bother her/him? Does he/she have a strong relationship with him/her neighbors?



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This is optional, but please PM if you used any of these prompts for your story. I would love to read your story and maybe promote it if it’s good <3


List 07:

Imagine if one of your evil characters discovered something that could benefit other people. How would they react? would they ignore that? or would they use it maliciously?

Imagine if your two favorite characters (from your own stories) meet each other. How would they react?

Imagine if your MC is dying and the antagonist tries to help her/him live. Why would they make something like that?

Would the LI be able to take revenge on your MC if someone tells him/her that she/he cheated? Think about this possible scenario.

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I want to try something new! I will insert images and list a few questions so you have inspiration. Let me know if you like this idea. :sparkles:


-A horrible crime happened in one of these places. Which one? Why do you feel this way?
-Your character was in of these places when the crime occurred. What was he/she doing there? Is he/she going to be incriminated?

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I will also include song lyrics in this thread as a prompt, hope it’s useful!

“I used to be untouchable and dangerous
But in just one moment, your blue wraps around me
Stay with me till this night is over
Even deeper”

“Oh yeah, let’s make today our secret
Mixed with the rain, our love song is spreading
Show me more, your light, all right
Stay in me, all night
Until the very last moment, stay next to me”

“Feels like a close, it’s coming to
F*ck am I gonna do?
It’s too late to start over
This is the only thing I, thing I know”

“I know what it was like, I was there once, single parents
Hate your appearance, did you struggle to find your place in this world?
And the pain spawns all the anger on”

“And there was a lot of bizarre shit, but the crazy part
Was soon as I stopped saying "I gave a f
Haters started to appreciate my art"

“So this is for every kid who all’s they ever did was dreamt of one day just getting accepted
I represent him or her, anyone similar, you are the reason that I made this song
And everything you’re scared to say don’t be afraid to say no more”

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List 08:

Imagine if one of your evil characters is the good one in a situation. How could this happen? Does this have to be with your protagonist’s flaws?

Imagine if your least favorite characters (from your own stories) meet each other. How would they react? Would they be friends?

Imagine if your MC’s school/college is closed for whatever reason. Would they be happy? Or would they feel bad?

Would the LI be able to break u with MC if he/she feels depressed?

List 09:

One of your less irrelevant characters is lost in the desert and needs help. How does this affect the plot?

The antagonist of the story is suffering and the readers are sympathizing with him/her. How can you make that happen?

One of your characters can’t handle criticism and acts bitter every time someone tells them something. What is the reason?

MC thinks that LI is manipulating her, why is that?

These are perfect for my upcoming story! Thanks! :grin:

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I’m glad to know that!! I will try to add more prompts like those

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One of these images represents the relationship between MC and their family. Which one and why?




"Trapped in a maze of decisions
Exhausted by all the different chaos
We’ve wandered around, looking for the answer
Lost in the maze, in the darkness"

"People say
That I’ll end up a fool
But I don’t wanna use my head
I don’t wanna calculate
Love ain’t a business
Rather like a fitness
I’ve never been in a calculating love"

"All the girls on the block knocking at my door
Wanna know what it is, make the boys want more"

"Take a sip of my secret potion
I’ll make you fall in love
For a spell that can’t be broken
One drop should be enough
Boy, you belong to me
I got the recipe and it’s called Black Magic
(And it’s called Black Magic)"

List 10:

Describe your worst nightmare and write about your character living that. Would they be afraid?

Think about your biggest fear, would your antagonist inflict that on your main character?

Imagine if your first crush was a character in your story… but change his/her gender. How would that be?

Make your character extremely good at something and then boost her/his ego. How would the other characters react?

Write about a cocky person that you hate and use that as an inspiration for your stories.