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Heyy Loves! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m currently working on a new story…(idk for sure when I’m gonna publish it :see_no_evil: )

Story: Queen B Diaries 2
Genre: Drama (Rom-com)

You can promote your unpublished stories here too! :heart_eyes:


Story: Change Of Heart
Genre: Romance
Limelight Full CC
Art scenes

Description: After wrecking your car, your mom sends you to your dad’s farm as a punishment. How different will life be when you no longer have what you love…money?⁣


Title: R&R: Partners in Crime
Author: Juliewrites
Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy/Action/Mystery (listed as drama)
Style: Cinematic; Limelight
Description: When a criminal saves your life in an attack, you have no choice but to help him. But your job as a police officer starts to get in the way. Will you choose your heart or the law?
credit to @ebx_06 on IG for the description

-Advanced directing, some choices matter, will probably have minigames, full CC for both MC and LI.

Cover coming soon! :wink:

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Woahh…lemme know when it’s out :heart_eyes:

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Amazing…lemme know when you publish it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I am soo ready for QBD2 as you are probably so ready for HTL book 1 to be finished with the editing and stuff…

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Let me know when u publish, I’d love to read! (:


I have several stories that I may add to this post later but for now =

Entry Information =

Name = R&R: The Path of the Unknown

Cover =

Description (Not 180 characters yet) = You find out someone is after you when they mistake you for someone else, will you decide to run or hide in plain sight? Can you keep below the radar yet in plain sight, all whilst unveiling the person they mistook you for? What will happen when your search leads you to a deep secret that was you were never meant to find?

Genre = Mystery (Includes areas of Romance)

Publishing On = Thursday 18th March 2021 - Friday 19th March 2021 (Greenwich Mean Time)
Deadline = Friday 19th March 2021 at 06:45am (Greenwich Mean Time)

MC = Male (Kingsley)/Female(Reina) (Reader Choice)

LI = Male(Kingsley)/Female(Reina) (Opposite to the whichever is chosen as the MC)

Includes = Full CC (Including Body Type), Mini-Games, Tappable Overlays, Advanced Zooms, Diversity, Important Choices That Impact The Story, Outfit & Hairstyle Choices & Speech Bubble Movement!

Author = @m.h.c.episode = Instagram
@ M_H_C_Episode = Episode Interactive App

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My story Witch Hunters will be coming out in a few days (hopefully :crossed_fingers:t3:)

Don’t judge me too hard for the cover, I tried my best lol

Genre: Fantasy (with some adventure and romance)
Description: In a world where womens’ souls are stolen in a nefarious plot to destroy the world, will supernatural siblings Simon and Esmee be able to stop death himself?

LL, CC for the MCs and LCC for the 2 LIs, LGBTQIA+



Oooo yess a thread i’ve been waiting for!! :tired_face: definately gonna check out all of the stories when they publish!!!
Story: Two Of A Kind
Author Name; La’verne
Genre: Drama/Comedy
LL, Limited CC
( Maybe art scenes;) )

Short Description: While one’s racing cars, the other’s winning pageants. Oblivious to each other’s existence, fate brings these long lost sisters together…for better or worse.


This story sounds so cool! I can’t wait to read it


Thank you lovely!! :brown_heart:

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Title: Before I Could
Genre: Drama
Story Features: Full CC, Choices, Unlock-able Scenes

Description: Kane has been your best friend for as long as you can remember. One drunkenly kiss is all it takes to change that and turn your life completely upside down. In a world of secrets, mystery, lust and what can only be described as the unknown, will you be able to latch on to your unexpected love or will all be lost before you can grasp it?


Love this thread! Its rare to see threads where we can all give some pre-buzz about unpublished stories!!!

Title: Storming of the Skies
Author: RJK
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure/Action/LGBT (Listed as Fantasy)
Style: Ink and Limelight
When a tale of a princess who flee’s an attack from savage pirates sucked you into its pages and made you a pirate captain, will you retell its story or will you change the ending?

  • Advanced Directing, Choices Matter, Might have some mini-games, No CC (Because my main character originates from a land closer to the equator of their world aka her homelands main race is black, whereas the LI and her families kingdom are almost polar opposite to the equatorial line meaning she’s white AF - and I would rather the main character not be white washed :slight_smile: ), Collectibles/Hidden scenes, Different endings possibly, Important characters (currently 15) have deep family backstories that can be unlocked, possibility of art scenes.
    Cover not made yet as Im saving to commission one. :slight_smile:

Extra notes: Its basically a lesbian forbidden lovers novel about a pirate captain who had everything taken away from her by royals, planning and scheming as a rebellion leader and falling in love with the princess of the kingdom shes forged an uprising of and she needs to prove her lover had nothing to do with what the royal family was doing before she loses the love of her life, her everything again. :slight_smile:


This will be my entry for the upcoming contest.

R&R: Victim 269
Author: @emma.writes.episode
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 3 (coming soon)
Description: Your master betrayed your trust and misused your loyalty. Thrown in the enemy’s hands, will you fulfil your role as a vigilante for justice or will darkness get you in its grip?

• CC
• Mini-games
• Point System
• Timed Choices
• Limelight
(Probably: • Option gender love interest)
• Option for music/sound
• Option for flash on/off
• Compatible for tablet/phone

The female branch hasn’t been made yet, it will depend on the time I have left if I’ll add the option to choose the gender of your love interest.

I aim to have a psychological thriller with choices that make your character fall under different circumstances and will lead to teaming up with others. Haven’t figured everything out yet, but the choices will get more and more important as the storyline goes on. Just as the fact that you can die if you completely fail your mission (there are options to respown of course!)


I’m contemplating whether to publish this as an R&R entry or not…
Also the description isn’t that great :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Story: From the Outback (or) R&R: From the Outback
Author: Ams007
Genre: Drama
Style: LL
Description: Angus, a boy from the outback, got over hurdles that held him back as a child… To then manage his own business… Will the risk of leaving his job to run his own company be worth it or will it fail?

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An update for anyone interested, my story is no longer unpublished! Here’s the link if anyone would be so kind as to check it out! http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4616724705640448


Love this idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for the thread!

This is my upcoming, limelight drama.
All That Glitters
…is not gold, Eris Keogh learnt that the hard way.
Forced to start all over again, it’s make or break time. Can she negotiate the world of love, loss & desperation?

[LtdCC|M/F LI]


I’m working on this one story I literally cannot wait to release.

I have another one:


Cute i love this!

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