Let's remove the toxicity :)

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If you are educated about certain topics (Islam, Asian Characters, Black People, Hispanics, Latinas/Latinos,etc) please tell me/us about it here! The community needs the information atm and I’ll make an instagram post with your information (I’ll give credit ofc). And if you know good pages where I can do my own research, please tell me them!

-> If you have outfit or character ideasc(Ink and LL) for specific cultures/countries, feel free to share them!
-> If YOU are for ex. a muslim, asian, latina/latino,… feel free to tell us the DO’s and DON’T DO’s when writing about muslims, asians,…

And don’t let this thread die, as we need to change some things in the community.

I think that the title says it all. The community (especially on instagram) is extremely toxic at the moment. Autors are not respecting other cultures (by misusing hairstyles, clothes and religious phrases), saying words that they are not supposed to say, writing problematic stories and even promoting stories for (not even little) MONEY. And don’t forget about the abusive characters.

-> This is why I want to start a project on instagram (and maybe the forums). We can create posts (threads) that include information about important topics (Religions, Black People, specific phrases, …). And we can stop the misuse of some features on episode (like I said, hairstyles, backgrounds and outfits).

By starting this project, people can be educated and informed instead of just being hated on by “us” (no, I’m not defending specific people/autors).

How will this help? Autors/Creators/Readers will be informed about certain topics AND they (hopefully) won’t misuse them (again). If they don’t misuse them anymore, there won’t be any toxic “tea to be spilled” on episode. And if we create positivity posts (there are already some on instagram), the community will (HOPEFULLY) not “spill the tea” or create drama anymore. I’m aware that the drama won’t ever fully go away.

If you want to join this project just let me know here. And as I’m a “creator” with a very small platform, I’ll need your help. I don’t want the community to break apart even more.

And if you have an opinion about this, you can always (kindly) share it here.

Thank you for reading so far.

If this flops, pretend that it never happened. But I do think that this community needs this.


I would love to join and I completely agree with you we need this as a community as an author myself we need to be educated more about what we put on stories and what not to put on our stories I definitely agree with this 100% support.

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I think that this is a good idea! (I’m currently not on the community on instagram, so I don’t know what’s going on.)

I’ll still support this idea though.

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Hi, I don’t know a lot about South Korea, so I don’t even know why I’m writing this story, but would it be considered disrespecting Koreans and glamorizing toxic relationships and stalking? It’s called The Sasaeng Fan, a sasaeng is a Korean term used for a crazy fan, and the MC, Da-in, is well, the sasaeng, and sneaks into the LI (Sungmin)’s house, sneaks into the entertainment building and vandalizes the dance room, and sniffs his stuff, should I add a warning? Or stop the story? The best friends (Jessi, Somi, and Jennie) tell her it’s not a good idea, idk if that makes it any better, I just need your opinion to know if it’s offensive, racist, or glamorizes toxic relationships. But Sungmin does repeatedly say “I won’t date a 16 year old!” And “GO AWAY!” And Da-in never dates him and calms down, so hopefully that makes it less toxic and creepy. I really want to know if it’s offensive before I publish it. I don’t want to accidentally offend somebody with a joke story.

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hi i completely agree, i’d also like to point out how toxic the community can be towards trans and gender nonconforming people because of how binary the structure of episode is and as a transgender individual i’d rlly like to help the community move beyond that

Thank you for supporting this idea! And as for starting the project: I’m not sure on how to do that. Either we just start posting the topics here or on instagram. Do you have any other ideas? (if you have instagram, DM me there. My account: epy.nina)

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Hey, and thank you for supporting this. And concerning instagram: There are several pages that constantly bring negativity to the community. And there is a certain opinion page, where the whole drama starts (people are being rude in the comments or opinions).

If you have any information about an important topic, you can share it here. I’ll also post it on instagram (and I’ll ofc give credit) if it’s alright with you.

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This is so great! I love this idea. We need more people like you to take a stand. I made a thread about culture a while back. How culture is portrayed in stories and why I want to change it
Anyways, thank you so much for doing this. It is really appreciated. Not just by me, but by many other people. xx


I have Instagram @faithxprincessx i have a few ideas

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As I’m not from south korea I can’t help you immediately. But I will ask my close friend from south korea about this. But I personally think that it’s not seen as offensive. I’ll inform you more about it, when my friend replies.

Okay, thanks for wanting to help! And yes, there are several other problematic topics. If you want to inform me/us more about this, please do so :slight_smile: You can either inform us here and I’ll post it on instagram (and I’ll give credit)OR you can DM me on instagram about this (@epy.nina)

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I’m glad that you like this idea. As for your thread, can I make an instagram post about it? I’ll of course give credit to you and everyone else in the thread.

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Okay, I’ll message you tomorrow as it’s very late for me now.

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i’ll dm u on instagram ! @zerocantwrite (:

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Hey! You can make a post about it, if you would like, I don’t mind it. :smile:


Hey you can pm about your story.
I would recommend doing research and asking people on forums if they know anything about south South Korean.

I’ve created a thread for Asian Cultures.


Your thread seems to be very helpful. Can I make a post about it in the future? (I’ll give credit)

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I know this is really not related but talking about disrespect, can a white author write the n word in their story while the character is black? I am just wondering.

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