LET'S SHARE OUR BACKGROUND CHARACTERS HERE (you can choose for your stories)

Hi everyone! I will share the characters that I created with you, I will update this thread every day, you comment on your requests if you want. Please read the following terms to use them.

a) Credit in your story is optional, but you will have to credit me if you want a character exclusively to your story (atsukowrites). Liking the reply of the character that you want to use is obligatory.
b) These characters can even be used to be the MC or LI of the story, I don’t have a problem.
c) Anyone can use the characters in this thread, so you can’t get mad if you see these characters in other stories. Remember that you can choose a character exclusively for your story if you don’t want that.
d) You can’t use a character that was deleted from this post, because that means that someone requested to use them on their stories exclusively. The only exception is when you used them before someone requested to use that character exclusively for their story, but that character must appear in a published chapter of your story.
e) Outfits can be used by anyone, the term a applies to this.
f)You can use them for any role, doesn’t matter if it’s offensive.

I will publish the details of the first character, I hope you like her!

SKIN: Gold 02
BODY TYPE: Female generic body.
BROWS: Arched Short Dark Brown.
HAIR: Long Wavy Blowout Chesnut Brown.
EYES: Deepset Downturned Ice blue.
FACE: Diamond Defined Contour.
NOSE: Pointed Downturned.
LIPS: Full Wide Red deep gloss.


Flared Jumpsuit Polyester Purple Violet
Wedge Heel Slip Ons Leather Black



Hey can I please use the second character as a background character in my story? Hope you don’t mind.

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Of course! Go ahead

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Thanks :blush:

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Moved to Art Resources since this is about character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

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Can i use only the ouftits?

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details and outfit

Female Athletic Body
Gold 06
Arched Short Black Dark
Curly Double Afro Puffs Black Dark
Sharp Almond Brown Black
Square Defined
Round Flared Upturned
Full Round Pouty Pink Cashmere Matte

Flannel Pattern Blazer and Blouse Flannel Grey Black
High Waisted Pockets Slacks Polyester Grey Black
Plain Bangles Metal Gold
Ankle Tied Strappy Heels Leather Black

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details and outfit

Female Athletic Body
Gold 05
High Arch Angled Deep Brown
Long Straight Wavy Ends Parted Brown Black
Deepset Downturned Brown Black
Square Youthful
Round Downturned
Full Round Flat Top Skin Red Garnet Gloss

Long Buttondown Jacket Swoop Neck Denim Grey Black
Pleated Straight Waistband Cotton Complex Color (Grey Black)
Pull Tab Yellow Stitched Rubber Heel Boot Matte Leather Black Snake Skin

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Female Soft Body
Gold 02
Arched Natural Dark Brown
Long Loose Curls Dark Brown
Round Downturned Wide Hazel
Square Defined
Round Broad
Medium Downturned Pout Beige Gold Matte

Diamond Cluster Emerald Accents Necklace
Low Cut Croptopand Skirt Combo Dress Satin Complex Color (Green Periodt)
Ankle Tied Strappy Heels Leather Green

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Female Athletic Body
Rose 10
Straight Medium Black Dark
Afro Black Dark
Round Medium Brown Black
Triangle Defined
Round Flared Downturned
Full Round Pouty Red Garnet Matte

Strapped V Neck Bralette Cotton Grey Black
High Waisted Slacks Polyester Orange Print
Flower Jeweled Statement Necklace Metal Silver
Pointed Toe High Heels Pleather Complex Color (Brown True)

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Andrea Zhang (half chilean half chinese)

details and outfit

Female Athletic Body
Rose 04
High Arch Angled Dark Brown
Long Straight Wavy Ends Parted Auburn Brown
Heavy Lid Upturned Brown Sand
Square Defined
Round Button Upturned
Full Wide Red Deep Matte

Open Top Hoodie Pattern Orange Red
Patterened Highwaisted Tight Skirt Cotton Magenta Blue
Thick Heel Flat Sports Sneakers Velvet Wine Red

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Female Soft Body
Gold 04
Arched Thick Styled Dark Brown
Long Voluminous Curls Loose Dark Brown
Sharp Almond Brown Black
Round Soft
Round Broad Downturned
Medium Downturned Pout Neutral Medium Nude Matte

Cropped Hoodie Color Panels Blue Navy
Studded Cuttoff Shorts Rocker Denim Blue Oxford
Pull Tab Yellow Stitched Rubber Heel Boot Matte Leather Blue Oxford…

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Female Generic Body
Cooper 09
Arched Natural Black Dark
Long Double Dutch Braids Black Dark
Heavy Lid Upturned Brown Black
Round Soft
Round Flared Downturned
Full Round Pouty Red Garnet Gloss

Deep V Sparkle Tulle Sleeve Jacket Tulle
Turtleneck Inner Shirt Leggings Cotton Tropical Leaves
Boot Stiletto Knee High Leather Black

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Female Generic Body
Neutral 10
Arched Natural Black Dark
Short Afro Brown Black
Round Downturned Wide Brown Black
Square Youthful
Round Button Wide
Full Round Flat Top Skin Red Garnet Gloss

V Neck Two Tone Sweater Dress Wool Black Tan
Heeled Close Toed Ankle Boot Suede True Brown

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Sorry if I reply too many times to my own thread. I don’t know if someone uses these characters or if this is helpful, I’m considering the fact of closing this thread if no one is using these characters :((

I don’t mean to be rude, I love making characters, but I don’t see the point of sharing them if no one is using them. I don’t want anyone to feel anyone pressured or guilty, some threads are not useful and there’s no one guilty here


Should I continue with this thread? please vote, I won’t get mad if you vote “no”

  • no
  • yes

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Female Soft Body
Gold 01
Arched Thick Styled Dark Brown
Wavy Long Auburn Brown
Delicate Almond Brown Dark
Heart Defined
Defined Natural
Heart Shaped Pout Pink Warm Gloss

Crew T Shirt Cotton Complex Color (Red Rose)
Rolled Hemmed Shorts
Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Grey Black

Let me know if you use my character (credit is optional), maybe I will read your story and promote it.

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I want to give this space to other people to share their characters too, I want this thread to be helpful to other people .

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Female Generic Body
Neutral 05
Straight Thin Black Dark
Double Bun Half Down Hair Deep Brown
Delicate Almond Brown Medium
Diamond Defined Contour
Round Button Upturned
Full Flat Top Pouty Pink Cashmere Matte

Round Neck Inner Shirt Leggings Cotton Complex Color (Blue Marine)
Cable Knit Sweater Dress Wool Black
Pull Tab Yellow Stitched Rubber Heel Boot Matte Leather Blue Oxford…

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Female Generic Body
Rose 08
Arched Short Black Dark
Long Braided Black Dark
Angular Slender Brown Dark
Diamond Defined Contour
Broad Wide
Full Flat Top Pouty Red Garnet Matte

Vintage Rock Band Strapped Bralet Shirt Cotton Grey White
Detention Leggings
Lace Up Army Boots Leather Olive Beige

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