Let's share our insecurities!



Hey guys, I’m Jasmine!
Let’s get ride of our insecurities sharing them.
I will start : my biggest insecurity is letting people down, expecially my parents.


Well…mine is how I look. Like I have big thighs & my toes are long…:pensive::cry::sob:


Mine is what people will think of me and my nails (I’m a nail biter🤷‍♀️)


Girl I feel your pain :persevere: !
There is a lot of pressure on us (women) regards our look.


Yeah, sometimes I try to avoid any contact with people because I’m afraid of what they could say about me.


deep breath

A Rant

My looks, sexuality, and behavior overall. I have huge problems with the way I look. A lot of people call me pretty or beautiful, but I don’t believe them. I wear glasses, so that makes things worse. I feel like my thighs are too big, my stomach is too big, my eyes too small, my lips are big, my nose is huge, my skin looks ugly, my hair is terrible, and so on. My sexuality: I think I might be bisexual. I’m insecure because, I’m Muslim too. Wouldn’t that be wrong? I’m attracted to girls, but prefer guys. I feel like my behavior makes me a fucking weirdo. It’s also another reason why I’m depressed, something I feel isolated in a group of people… Plus, I have a tendency to talk to myself, in public. And there’s much more wrong with me…


I feel you people always call me pretty but I don’t agree. But some advise I would give you is it’s ok if you think you’re bisexual you just need some time to find yourself. Another piece of advice I would give you from Muslim to Muslim, personally I feel like it’s ok to be bi and Muslim at the same time just as long as you’re a good, modest Muslim.

Hope this helps :slight_smile::heart:


Love this! We girls should always stick together :v:


I may not know you, but let a stranger gives you an advice : don’t let anyone make you feel wrong. We are more than people’s opinion or our physical appearance. So please, give yourself a compliment today; you are worth it.


My biggest insecurity is ma image , I hate to cry in front of people , it makes me looks weaker​:sweat: though my image is not well reputed it is like a funny person.then there is also what people will think? What if I fell on my mouth? :joy: ,but then there is a little things like - I am feared of ghosts , thirller movies , and blah blah blah , darkness.


It does. And with a friend, I’m discovering myself too. God bless you :slightly_smiling_face:


If I wasn’t a disappointment, that’d be true.


I’m attracted to literally everyone so I get so anxious when someone is talking to me and asks me about their looks because my first instinct would be : you’re beautiful but then what if they think I’m hitting on them? What if they don’t like me because I’m pan and think I’m weird so they are asking that question to annoy me? What if they know I find them attractive? AHHHHHHHHHH!!!


I call my friends beautiful all the time and im straight :blush: Sometimes its good to hear someone compliment you if they take it the wrong way then thats their problem…


I agree!! But unfortunately because people know my sexuality they go around assuming I’m flirting with everyone just because I’m attracted to everyone


My biggest insecurity is people leaving me… I feel like I joke around alot or “play too much” and this girl thats my semi friend… Shes friends with my bestfriend and everytime I laugh at a joke or something she rolls her eyes and messages my friend whos right next to her so I wouldn’t know what shes saying and sometimes I feel that my bestfriend is going to stop being my friend


Well, I have been gradually growing more confident about the way I look but sometimes I get insecure about my appearance. It used to be the “you’re too fat” - I used to be the fat kid and then I changed my lifestyle managing to lose a decent amount of weight (15 kg). I feel happier and healthier but now I am getting the “are you starving yourself?” question. Some of my relatives tell me I look like a child which slightly bothers me (the thirsty hoe in me likes guys who are bit older than me lol) but I just am at that stage of going screw it, no matter what someone will say shit to you so just be yourself.

I am at my healthiest and I do get bouts of insecurities when I get the “you got even skinnier” and people telling me what to do about my health. I am a runner and have been told I am overdoing it, that I do not eat enough, that I suffer from exam stress so I starve myself, etc. No matter what I will get crap for my looks haha so middle finger to judgemental bishes errywhere.

I sometimes am bothered by not being pretty but there is the reminder that there is more to life than looking a certain way. Some people I know are gorgeous but are crappy people which kinda sucks. Well, I always believed I am not a pretty one, whenever I went to weddings I always felt like the ugliest girl there. I still am sceptical if someone calls me pretty (especially a guy - I think they are taking the piss) and I’ve always made an effort to be a good soul as I thought if I cannot be beautiful on the outside, at least I will be beautiful on the inside.


That’s so Annoying


Also my other bestfriend just admitted that she’s bi and I have no problem with it, It just depends on who it is ig🤔


If your friend treats you that way, then she doesn’t deserve you