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So it has been some time since I’ve been part of the episode community (almost three years) and I have always found it inspiring and such a great place to share stories or just have some fun with all the memes some very funny people make. But for some time, I feel like Episode has become a different place. So I thought we should all discuss our points of view on Episode, because it’s always fun to share opinions with other understanding people that feel the same or beg to differ.

But before we start, I have to say that I do not hate or dislike Episode, I actually love it. All I am expressing in this post is my personal opinion. I am not shaming Episode or insulting it, I am not trying to blame Episode or point them by the finger. Please understand that I am in no way trying to start a revolution or something against Episode. This is just my imbecile opinion, so you can do what you want with it, but don’t take it as a threat or anything. Alright, well enjoy! :slight_smile:

  1. First of all, the Episode story styles. There are three episode styles that we can write our stories in (even though classic style has not been seen for years, it’s like a forgotten prototype now…) like Ink and Limelight. Personally, I like Ink a lot, because it’s the style that I discovered the app in and the first story I read was in Ink. I think there is some wide variety available but I’m very sad that Episode does not update that style anymore. I don’t think it’s a thing of the past, but rather a very big part of Episode. I mean, just looking at their ads, they’re all in Ink so… it kind of helps with my point. Don’t get me wrong, I think Limelight is a very pretty style but I feel like many of the animations are too… slow? Many of them aren’t expressive enough. Take the crying animations for example; the characters only seem to look down with their hands on their face. There’s no crying or wheeping, just covering their face ridiculously.

  2. About Limelight. When it came out, more than a year ago, Limelight wasn’t perfect and I get that. Now, a lot of features have been added onto the style and Episode keeps adding more, and I think that’s great. But all they add are hairstyles and clothes. I mean, that’s cool and all, but many features I think are far more interesting have been proposed but it looks like Episode won’t add them because diversity isn’t quite a part of it. Take body types for example : all the girls weight the same, they’re all skinny and pretty. And all the boys have a six pack… Many people have suggested and/or asked for body types like more realistic ones. Look at the Pitch Perfect story Episode made; fat Amy is there and she has a body type that suits her, but she’s the only character to have ever had that body type. I thought that body rocked and I would have loved for it to be available on the portal.
    Now about tattoos and freckles. I don’t get why Episode releases tattoos and freckles only to put them as outfit choices. If a character has freckles/tattoos, shouldn’t it be in the character info? Because freckles and tattoos are permanent peeps…

  3. Episode original/featured stories. Now this is a big one, so I’ll divide it into points.

  • Their promoting. Let’s start with how Episode promotes stories. So, on the app there’s a menu with options concerning stories. There’s an options with all the story genres promoted by the top community stories in said genre (along with the section they call ‘Top Romance’ for example, where all they promote are their stories). I think it’s okay that they promote all those stories… but they are stories from very popular authors who do have talent, but I feel as if it’s always the same. I do like how they promote very good stories from talented authors that many read before… but with that system, many underrated stories don’t get the rise they deserve. Yes, every month they have a new category like ‘November Picks’ that promotes a few stories from a specific type, but again, all these stories have more than 10K reads. Take the Hollywood section for example : it’s filled with Episode original/featured stories. I mean, aren’t you promoting your stories enough, Episode?

  • Their recent stories. If you’ve been on Episode for a while now, you might have noticed that they’ve been releasing many new original/featured stories in the past few months after sometime without many of them. But the thing with those stories is that they’re all the same. Take the last ones out like ‘My First Everything’ and ‘Love Life’ which are basically stories about a high school girl that has many basic friends and has many love interests for some reason. Those two stories (like many others they made) are all about Romance choices and all that. Now, I have nothing against some romance from time to time, but making it all the same is just boring and uninteresting.
    Now let’s look at Instant Princess and The Kiss List. Yes, Instant Princess was a community author’s story and many called out for plagiarism, even though the author gave them the story. Now I don’t have a problem with Episode having your story after you gave them your rights… but what they did with it is the problem. The story was so diversified that it made it super captivating. All Episode did was white-wash the story and make the protagonist pregnant. ‘The Kiss List’ is something else though. As you can see on their instagram post about the story being out, Episode took all the credit for the story. But that story was copied from a community author’s story of the same name and Episode gave that author no credit for it. It could be that this author gave them the rights too, but the thing is there is no proof that she did. Many users accused Episode of copying the story and there is no proof that they in fact didn’t. Now I don’t accuse Episode of anything other than being uncreative, but they do start to make me doubt their integrity and intentions.

  • Their accessibility (gem choices). The thing about those original/featured stories is that every choice costs gems. Now a few gems from time to time doesn’t hurt anyone, but twenty gems for each cool choice is unacceptable and unfair. Yes, those stories give you a gem for every chapter you finish… but it’s only a single gem per chapter! Why even bother make all those complicated choices if people won’t even be able to make those choices. And the chapter’s are full of gem choices. It’s like every single fun activity or idea someone could have costs twenty freaking gems! That’s why user stories are much better… just saying.

  • Another case. Take a look at their story ‘In My Bed’. Oh wait, you can’t! because when Episode came out with that story, it was shortly deleted after, only to be reuploaded as ‘My First Everything’. Episode’s excuse was that the Title had nothing to do with the story… but I feel like it might have been more than that. The story was so controversy that they had to remove it, can you imagine?

  1. Final but not least, the LGBT community. I love this community, being a heterosexual that supports all that every single letter of that title represents, and so I wonder why it isn’t a bigger part of Episode than it already is. Yes, many stories now have that ‘LGBTQ addition’ as some say. But what I don’t get is that it is specified in the story descriptions. Why can’t it just be a normal part in a story? But the worst of it is NO EPISODE ORIGINAL/FEATURED STORY HAS EVER EVER HAD A MALE PROTAGONIST. Yes, some community stories allow you to play as a male, but none of the original or featured stories allow you to do that. I just don’t get why the protagonist is logically a girl for Episode. I mean GUYS CAN HAVE STORIES TOO YOU KNOW. And making a male protagonist shelf, only promoting some top community stories starring male protagonists for A MONTH is NOT ENOUGH.

And just for fun, here’s a pole so that you can vote wether Episode should make many MANY improvements or just stay the way it is.

  • Nope. Don’t care. Just go on with your normal way of making.

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So that’s it for me now, but please share your thoughts on this post! :blush:


I agree, I mean I have no problem with romance but I feel episode is doing too much of romance stories and I think they should make more of other genre stories.

I always wonder why they seem to lack idk good stories?

THANK YOU! like that is really too much.
First gem choice I spend 20 then there’s a next one and I have 0.
Maybe 5 gem choice spend each would be nice.

I agree.


The gem prices are too extreme for me. I only have enough to afford, let’s say, 1-2 choices that require gems and it’s very frustrating. I don’t find it a large issue because I play non-Episode original stories, as not only do they not require gems for certain choices, I find them to be the most entertaining.

Ink used to be my all-time favourite. And don’t get me wrong, it is such a nice style, but now, reading more Limelight which I used to avoid, I now love Limelight and prefer it over Ink. Limelight has outdone Ink in terms of diversity and difference in characters. They’ve added a wide variety of skin tones, characteristics and overall better customization options. I find some animations odd, but I can always substitute those for other ones. Despite all these amazing features, there is still room for improvement and more features. I feel like there should be more lip options for the males.

Ink was an amazing style, I have to say. Their animations were by far some of the best and the style was a big step up from classic. They do have less options than Limelight, but there are still some great options. This is one of the most popular styles, but I just hope stories from Limelight and Ink balances out.

Classic was the OG. Back in 2015, they had recently released Limelight. Man, I feel sort of good to have played episode since then- anyways, Classic stories? I didn’t mind them. Because if you were an episode player in those days, you got used to the style. I did find it weird, but the more I played stories, the more I grew on the style. The animations were horrible, especially the vomiting animation, but I honestly didn’t mind it.

Overall, I like all of the styles and I don’t find any of them unnecessary or ugly. I do feel that, when creating the ideal characters that you visualise in your head, you are slightly limited. The only big problem I have is body types- I really hope they add sliders or different options, because I don’t want to add a child with big melons.


I actually only read classic for the most part but :woman_shrugging:


This is probably like my biggest pet peeve, like I don’t want all of my males to be ripped and all of my females to be skinny, it’s unrealistic.

Yes, the crying emotions look so awkward and not only that but they smile in MOST of the neutral animations. I’m really not here for it


But that’s the point. It’s Episode’s most loved featured stories by the community?


You’re right, I said it wrong :sweat_smile:
I meant that this section is kind of… unnecessary? The stories in there haven’t changed and I’m pretty sure people have already finished them and moved on. But I may be wrong :smile:


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