Lets start the hype!

Hey everyone! I am so happy to announce I am releasing my first story very soon! I have written a couple novels before, but never an episode story! I’m super excited about this. The story is called His Crimson Scars and its about a girl with a hard past. Her dad is a murderer and shes in the mental state where she thinks she is like him. She struggles alot with her mental health. The story is about her trying to get better with her best friend and a new friend who is the LI :wink: It also deals with her issues when her father escapes out of prison and tries to get her to help him.

This is the cover that I made for it… so yeah!!! Im super hyped and if you could share it with your friends so they can read it too, that would mean the absolute world to me.
Thats all I wanted to say for now! Love ya’ll!
Follow me on insta @ej.episode for updates, and my art account is @elyse_eriksen



its not out yet :slight_smile:


oh ok! tag me when it is!~