Let's take charge!


All of us as a team NEED to work together to bring diversity and non cliche stories to episode since episode isn’t really aren’t understanding what we as a community our craving. Do you want more strong POC leads? More religious backgrounds and LGBT content? Well we need to stop depending on episode to bring the stories in that we want (because it isn’t working), we should instead do it ourselves! Together we could all collaborate and make so many brilliant stories they can’t possibly ignore. Perhaps we could use a few cliches, but add twists that are unlike others! Make our stories so unique that they will have to be given a chance! Episode’s 2017 Diversity Standards didn’t go as we hoped, they promised a lot of things, and in return we barely got anything but utter disappointment. What happened to the fluidity of gender identity and the gender-based standards story, or the Korean-American fashion designer and business owner?? This is our time to take a stand! Comment below if you are with me?? If you have any other topics that I have not disclosed, please feel free to suggest them below! :grin:


Write what you want to read, after all.


Go Korean-Americans!!! (Sorry if I sound to enthusiastic it’s just that i’m Korean-American )


Exactly! :smiley:


<3 Understandable


I’d also like to add that we need body diversity as well! I’d love to characters that aren’t almost unhealthily skinny and unrealistically buff.


Agreed, that is also really important!


I completely agree. I don’t think episode has had a person with disorders OR members of the LGBTQ community except for Damien but that was created by the creators of Mean Girls.


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