Let's Talk About . . . Adulting!

The Next Stage by Lisa P.
Public Relations by Victoria D.
Business Casual by simpleabridged
OFFSIDE : The Girl Coach by Towerwhite
The Marriage Counselor by Joriemar
Waking by Amber J. Martin
Perfect on Paper by Lovessuperstarr
Meet e at Sunrise by Lina Sofia
STRIPPED by Chantelle M.

Does the cover fit the story, or is it misleading? How about the summary, is the summary misleading? Does the story fit the genre?


Only twice have I been thrilled to read a story before it was on a shelf.

I’ve read The Next Stage by Lisa P. I do think the large cover is a bit hard to tell what is going on, but now that I take a second look at it, it makes a bit more sense once the story starts. Anyway, it’s pretty funny of a story. I love the characters, especially the MC. It’s honestly a great pick for the shelf, as all the ‘main characters’ are adults, and it plays a big part in the story. I don’t know why I stopped reading after three, I’ll prob continue it when I have time.

I’d recommend for anyone who likes goofy-characters


The Next Stage

I feel so proud of this making the shelf because I reviewed it and I even told Lisa the author in my feedback that she should enter it in the epy awards because I loved it so much (which she did, btw)

I think it’s super fitting for the shelf. Before reading, I totally thought it would be about a singer because I took “stage” to mean the stage you perform on. But really it’s the next stage in life and I think that was one thing that made me like it so much. Because it was different to what I expected.

Public Relations

This story’s pretty cute. I liked how it predominantly revolves around the main characters jobs, which also drives the plot - does suit the shelf. Sometimes it did feel a bit too “cute” or “lovey dovey” for my taste. Am currently WAY behind though, because I literally had to re-read every single chapter every time there was an update. Bonus: really nice intro.

Is it just me or are the shelves not staying up as long anymore?


I’ve always noticed they are up for a week . . . Thursday / Friday -> Thursday / Friday


Do you plan on reading any other stories on the shelf?

What is Stripped about if you don’t mind me asking.

Also, #Mimsy

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Business Casual and OFFSIDE: The Girl Coach were already on my list. I don’t think I’ll add any more though


Perfect on Paper is a good romantic story. Along with a lot of drama added.

Do you want to give a quick summary of the story?

The Marriage Counselor is absolutely amazing!! (just like everything else by this author)
I’m so happy it got featured!

What was your favorite part about The Marriage Counselor?

I loveeeeee Perfect on Paper it’s so different and I highly just enjoy it. I can’t wait for more episodes to come out.

Do you have a favorite character or scene?

Hmmmmm I’d have to say when my MC got into the book and really enjoyed it. That just honestly made me laugh to see her really finding some interest. Also that’s honestly something I’d do irl.


The MC is a workaholic and works for the family business. She has an estranged relationship with her mother and her father ends up dying. (TRYING not to give to many details). Her best friend is concerned about her dating life and gives her a book called perfect on paper. She goes thru the ups and down of dating life.


I was also happy to see ‘The Next Stage’ on the shelf. It is one of the stories I thought would deserve way more recognition. It’s great to see that most of the stories were written by smaller authors, however I have to admit the other story I had known before the shelf came out was ‘Stripped’. I love it because one of the love interests is the most interesting “bad boy” character I have ever seen on Episode.


How it discusses toxic relationship, the relationship between the mains is beautiful and the friendships are amazing! The characters are also very diverse and I love that.

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This shelf is no longer up, @Sydney_H you may close this.

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Topic closed by OP request. :smile: