Let's talk about AI art

If you’ve heard about AI art, you’ve probably heard about the dispute about whether or not it’s morally okay to use AI art tools. You’ve likely also heard that most artists are against the use of these AI art tools.

If you’re wondering why so many artists feel that way, please watch the linked video. It does an excellent job explaining all the concerns artists have, as well as how a majority of these AI art tools work.

Why does this matter?

One of the most important things for Episode authors to decide on for their stories is the artwork used for the covers, backgrounds, and art scenes. While art isn’t the most important thing for authors to focus on as they create their story, it still has a lot of impact on how many readers will be interested in that story.

Many people want high-quality work for low prices because they don’t have a lot of money to work with. Most artists put a price on their work, understandably; the time and effort that goes into both learning and creating art shouldn’t go unrewarded. Because there’s some clash in interest, a lot of people will either learn how to create art themselves or look for tools that can. That’s where AI art tools come in.

AI art tools generate art based on the prompts you give them. From those prompts, the AI generates dozens of different images with different art styles and compositions. The thing is, AI can’t just generate things from nothing. It needs references to learn from, that’s why it’s called Artificial Intelligence. So what does the AI learn from?

A majority of AI art tools are fed artwork from hundreds to thousands of artists without their consent. In other words, art is stolen to teach the AI.
(Artists also own their art as intellectual property, something I talk about later.)

Again, artists spend a lot of time, effort, and resources learning and creating art. AI art tools devalue all that hard work. A lot of artists worry about whether or not their art will be stolen and fed to these AI tools and some even give up on sharing their work.

AI takes a lot of jobs away from people that need them, this includes art-related jobs. AI art jobs have been taking away opportunities from artists. For example, people looking to commission artists will have them create sketches, then feed them to AI tools to then turn them into a completed image. The goal of this scam is to get completed artwork for the price of a sketch. There’s also been cases of “artists” being commissioned and instead of creating artwork that’s original, they’re using AI tools entirely.

And if explaining the moral concerns hasn’t concerned you, AI art can get you into a lot of legal trouble. (Remember, the artists own their work as intellectual property.)
You can read about the legal concerns here:

*EAs refers to Episode Authors

If you didn’t know about any of this, don’t feel bad. I just felt it was important to talk about it here since there’s been a lot of AI art on Episode lately. :sweat_smile:

While I might not be able to convince you, please try to understand why artists are against the use of AI art tools.

I wasn’t intending for this post to sound like an essay, but I wasn’t sure how to better explain this. X.x

(Editing this post to add another link to a video that explains more of the issues surrounding AI art, some of the points in this video will be added to this post.)


hey! i have a question does it still copy art when it’s generating an actual person tho? Like photo generated AI art not prompt based bc I know that there are some AI APPS that turns actual people into ai avatars like it can turn ur irl self into an ai when you put a picture in or you put your character, im a little confused how it steals art when the bot has to use your own pictures you put in the app to make the drawing, so lets say I put in a picture of my irl self and it makes me as an ai how does it steal art when it’ has to use my actual features to make me? Or I put in my episode character its using the same exact features, like you said above AI needs a reference wouldnt the picture I put in the app be a reference?


Thanks for asking! Hopefully these answers make sense, I know this topic can be pretty confusing. : )

Any kind of AI art program can steal art, not just prompt-based ones. The reason I specified is because a lot of these AI tools are prompt-based.

The AI needs references to know how to create lines, colors, compositions, etc. Even if you give it a photo, it still needs other references to know how to create the same photo in other art styles.

And with AI photo generators, some are still fed stolen work. It’s just that those tools are fed real-life photos of people and objects, rather than art.


i accidentally edited my original comment instead of making a new one :sob:

I’m sorry if I sound a bit confused, but I don’t quite understand. Many artists take inspiration from others, such as color themes or composition techniques, without outright copying the entire work. They incorporate these inspirations into their own art, adding their unique artistic vision to the mix. Photo AI-generated art also uses inspiration from existing works, just like artists do. So, what makes Photo AI-generated art different from artists taking inspiration, considering that both borrow elements to create something new? Also I’m not talking about prompt based ones the ones where you type what u want and it gives u an image as Ive never used those ones Im talking about ones where you put in a photo and it generates that photo as an form of art.

like for example this is an image of my character


And this is her AI generated using an app called Remini



The AI got every single feature down pact it makes me wonder if the AI is stealing art since it got the shape of the eyes, the lip shape, and other details so precisely. Finding online art with the exact same features as my character would be extremely difficult. Perhaps the AI utilized some color themes or line compositions, but isn’t it common for artists, in general, to draw inspiration from various sources to enhance their work?

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I am writing this message for everyone to hear about AI Art. Because most of you are theft behide camera. it’s needed to end about stolen art. Because this is very serious and now AI is really dangerous app. This is why some artists stop doing free Art and now taking commission.

So, what does the AI learn from? Artificial intelligence AI is technology that enables a computer to think or act in a more human way by taking in information from its surroundings, and deciding its response based on what it learns or senses. AI is the simulation of natural intelligence in machines that are programmed to learn and mimic the actions of humans. The field of AI includes machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, which allow computers to learn from experience and perform human-like tasks, often much more efficiently than humans can.

Thank you for statement about the information. Because everyone needs to hear about AI Art. I see a lots of people on this forum used AI. They think that AI safe with artists as some people who tends to say that they make art that is fake from AI. Let me tell you guys something you as person that don’t create any art that was made from the artists. Because most of you are theft that used AI and Copy art from artists making artists fears for their art. Well, you have done your part and you needed to stop doing stolen art. Because Next time you will never get this warning but sue from someone that will not take your sorry apologies.

I am talking about any of you. Because this is not a joke to messing with someone art works. For me to speak up on my behalf. As you see AI trying to take over the job of Human.

Well, lets me ask you serious question, would you like someone to steals your art? Would you like someone to copy your art and edit with AI? Then no, you can’t take someone art that you don’t have permission to used person art without their content. You can’t even take the person art without person knowing that you have taken their art to use for whatever you were doing for the person to know where their art is going in which website. You can’t take someone art claim by you. As you don’t put effort, hours on art time and creative talent. So, therefore saying you made the Art by you, and you can’t even show any proof while lying thinking that lying is very cute. You could be sued from artist and having a very serious Sueing. It is so disguised to see on how many AI creator came on forum to make AI as commission Art prices as art is made from AI and then sell art to other Authors. Making others customer that make their own story to use that Art and I bet some of you don’t understand what AI can done for your story, art scene and much more. I hope you better know your choice that you have made from requesting. I know some of you be hide screen that have request AI from someone that don’t draw anything from their hand and claim the art like their own.

This is a warning for all of you. That is using AI and thinking taking artists, that is why lately some artists leaving. Because you guys are theft and you as a person, what you were doing from the very start and end.

You can say you are not, but beneath you are lying that some of you have stolen from artists. But you guys who say you own that art and reflection of artist’s Art and edit. I feel sorry for you, but that is your problem to be dealing with the artists.

I am an art person that draws art by hand. I go through art classes of different art. I have been doing art in my free time. I have so much art that I have done for many years. Some people in real life love seeing my art. Because I am a creative person. So, knowing the texture and blending color of art. I try to draw on apps like sketchbook for my art, but I love drawing on paper because my art shows more on paper. The drawing app will be new for me to draw more. My art style would be Fantasy and imagine on how I see art in my head. I would draw out from my imagine. That is why I keep my art from social media. I have done object drawing realistic of things that I draw by my surrounding as hand art and realistic as well. Lately I am doing full body practicing then waist up. Because I love doing waist up art. Since I realized I have done that a lot in my free time drawing. When I am doing full body my art change to cartoon for full body as well. So, I understand art and effort and hours artists have done in their free time. I have different style of art as my skill building each time. There is so much theft and I don’t have time for someone wasting my time. That is why best way is to keep art off of social media. if that what people tends to do by stealing your art best way is Sueing them. Because next time they will learn from their mistake from stealing by talents art then AI fake app that copy just imagine that was send and trying to change copy art.

That is true. Artists spend a lot of time, effort and resources learning and creating Art. Also, AI never done any of our hand work that we have put effort, hours of time and without no sleep at all. It is so disguising. I understand another artist trying to stay out of this pathway of stolen art. Other time someone cry about their art being stolen and was hurt, mad about their art. I feel hurt for person. As person wanted to help other people and her life hobby, career. But you guys need to understand that people have feeling and emotional. That is why you guys make people never trust you ever again. you guys be smiling, laughing but I will not keep up with you guys’ nonsense.

I understand that AI get in legal trouble. Because it is a technology of robot be hiding the screen and it is app that copy from imagine you have post. So, you are not saying no lie but true facts that others should hear about it. That is why when some people try to warn other Author who have request. I know who have request. I saw their profile. So, requesting from AI artists and you know funny thing about episode Community is they sit down, and watch and they don’t realize that we know what they are doing. So, why don’t episode community banned AI as that lead to copyright. Because it like you saying don’t get anything from app that copyright but you stand there watching everything happening expect us to tell them. They never listen to any warning but when they get in trouble with someone else that will not be kind to them. Because they will meet their match one day and you guys’ community will be in trouble for episode community. As you know the state about this AI using in your system lately and you never stood to stop it from happening. Why episode community was its reason that it not in rules or was you allowing AI to happen and take over your system? you know there are theft be hide AI website and you never even investigated the situation.

That is true. Things is you guys needed to see about price and hours spend on artists time, effort. The only thing Ai make you do is edit, post a picture and you get multiply art. But some of you stolen art and know you are hiding from it. I love artists that have talent shown from their point of views. Rather than AI. I never like AI and i will never as AI is fake app used for post reflection and do art from person who send in their picture. All that AI will do is take picture that was send and copy on how it looks and then transform the art imagine to looks realistic and be hide of it have fake art. That is why there are video about real or fake about art different. That is why Artists will make price go higher as their effort show in their talent of art piece and that is why lately artists have watermark to keep their art from being taken and stolen.



Here is different between real photo and fake AI picture.


The biggest lie about AI art. Here is a video for does who don’t know already.


Artists vs AI on different between to resources.


The THREAT of A.I. on the wedding photography industry

I love that you have written essay on this thread. Because I would have done the same. You have explained better, and we understand your essay.


Taking inspiration from things like colors and lines isn’t the same as outright copying sections of someone else’s work. A lot of images generated from AI tools tend to just copy sections of original work. AI can’t create work that’s 100% original. It refers to what you teach it and creates something similar. (There’s thousands of posts online that point out the similarities between original work and AI-generated images. @/Kande10 linked a few videos in their comment!)

If you look close enough, you’ll be able to spot most AI art. There’s inconsistencies in the art style that are a dead giveaway. You won’t find these kinds of inconsistencies in real art. And, funnily enough, some people get that “uncanny valley” feeling from AI art, where things might look pretty normal, but there’s something off.

(I hope I was finally able to answer your questions! Sorry if I’m making you more confused, AI is not easy to explain.)


Wouldn’t that concern mainly apply to AI systems where you input a prompt, and it generates an image based on that input? I can understand the worry about AI taking aspects from real artists’ work in such cases, and I 100% disagree with that practice. However, in the context of the Photo AI-generated images I mentioned, I find it hard to believe that the AI would draw inspiration from other random images on the internet. When you provide the AI with a specific image as a reference, it should focus solely on that input to generate the art. It wouldn’t make sense for the AI to take unrelated aspects from various other photos and incorporate them into the generated image, especially if it’s meant to be a recreation of the original input. Using someone else’s artwork putting it into the ai and passing it off as AI-generated is a different issue altogether and completely wrong, but when it involves your own characters, yourself in real life, or your own art, it seems more like a tool to create a unique representation rather than stealing from others.

I watched those videos and I agree those are def stealing, but those ones were talking about prompt based not photo based.

It’s all good and dont worry you’re not! I def agree ai art is a very complex topic.

You make a very good point! The one I know about is the kind that you type in what you want and it takes art from others, not you putting in your own image and it turning it into something that looks like art. It must have a code that gives it the “paint brush” look. Hmmm it may be safe to use that one but I would honestly have to do research on it to be sure.


I believe that Episode should allow people the freedom to make their own choices. The abundance of misinformation on the internet is scary, and people use fear and ignorance to their advantage, to manipulate and spread misinformation without fully understanding what they are talking about. I have yet to come across an AI that has completely replicated an artist’s work. Most use styles and bits and multiples images put together that are (supposedly) royalty-free images to generate the image(s) based on the prompt. Claims have been made, but there is no concrete evidence attributing it to AI. Furthermore, when asked to reproduce the same result, it has failed to do so. Similar to the video posted earlier, it could have been easily manipulated using software like Photoshop. While it’s true that AI can generate certain styles and resemblances, prominent AI companies like MJ and SD explicitly state in their terms that they cannot replicate artwork and will not be held responsible if customers use copyrighted images as references. Interestingly, this parallels what artists do every day. When the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office alter copyright laws, we will have to adapt and comply with the regulations. Are all AI companies and/or users acting ethically? No, but it is crucial for end-users to follow the rules and refrain from knowingly and willfully duplicating, replicating, or stealing someone’s art. Moreover, it’s important to remember that not all AI systems are the same. Each has its proprietary algorithm, so it is unfair to categorize them all together. Are there unscrupulous companies and apps that engage in blatant theft? Absolutely! However, many artists also steal, copy, cheat, misuse, reuse, duplicate, and replicate artwork. Art theft can occur from any source if you are a thief. Accusing a paid user who is not stealing and has not stolen of being a thief borders on defamation. Additionally, AI is not a new concept. Companies and businesses have been utilizing it for years, although it wasn’t accessible to the public. I am not claiming that everyone is blameless, as many companies exploit people, and that is regrettable. However, when cautioning individuals about something legal, it is important to seek information from sources beyond YouTube and the first couple of pages on Google. Read the complete copyright law available at USPTO.gov. Learn how to safeguard your work and how to share it properly. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of any website you purchase from or post to, especially on social media. Educate yourself about AI in Digital Asset Management. Adobe, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and various other digital asset companies have already incorporated AI and sell AI-generated art on their platforms. Interestingly, if you find the terms or the law difficult to comprehend, you can even copy and paste them into an AI chat and request an explanation or summary in simple language. One thing is clear: we cannot stop the advancement of AI. This is not just a phenom, it is how things are done. It has been around since the 1950’s and will continue to be present. Laws and regulations will evolve to protect companies, contributors, and users. However, the intricacies surrounding artificial intelligence are far too complex to simplify it as mere “art stealing.” And if a company is found to be infringing on someone’s copyright, then they should PAY BIG!!!

As a side note, spell checkers were considered groundbreaking AI research as early as 1957, and plagiarism checkers are also AI-powered tools.

Regardless, the choice should ultimately rest with the individual until they decide otherwise.

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