Let's talk about... allergies

The name pretty much says it. Let’s talk about allergies.

What kind of an allergy/ allergies do you have?
How does it’s symptoms affect your daily life ?

My experiences with my allergy

I personally have a pollen allergy and it usually doesn’t affect my life except in the spring. And even in the spring it usually doesn’t bother me too much, except last year there was waaay too much pollen in the air that I literally almost couldn’t breath when I was outside.

I was using my allergy pills but they weren’t much of a help so my doctor gave me a prescription for an asthma pipe. I had to use that last year and this year I’ve had to use it a few times. I guess having to use an asthma pipe even tho I don’t have an asthma, tell a lot about how much there is/was pollen.


I have dust allergy. It is very problematic to step out on dirty streets and also it is stressful to clean the house . But I am taking medication. Hopefully my allergy will be cured in future :disappointed_relieved:

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weirdest allergy ever - I fall into the 1% of the population that can’t eat bananas

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Tho I don’t know if I’m allergic to it or not but when eating a banan it itches my throat.

And is that 1% really true that only such a small amount can’t eat bananas

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Ohhh thanks I didn’t know that

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I don’t have any.:nerd_face:
Unless you count pollen but all I do is sneeze.

I can’t even imagine what it’s like to clean while having a dust allergy.

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Lol I guess it counts as an allergy

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oh girl… i have allergy on sun, some medicine, some sweets and some supplies for cleaning clothes.

allergy on sun is the worse. i stay on spring sun 30 minutes and when i get back home my face and arms are red and itchy.

same with sweets and clothes cleaning supplies. when i eat specific sweets, my ears are itchy. for example, when a tshirt is washed with specific supplie, my chest is itchy.

my reactions mostly are red and itchy body parts.

This is the first I’ve heard of someone being allergic to the sun, how does it work? Like do you have medicine to it or what

it’s nothing really serious, i just get sunburnt from short period on sun. as i said, parts of my body are red and itchy all day. i don’t have medicine, beacuse i’m okay after 24h and i kinda… just deal with it? i’m not sure if this is completely allergy, but that’s what they told me.:woman_shrugging:t2:

True. It’s very exhausting and stressful :disappointed_relieved:

Ohhhh well that’s a good thing that the redness and itchyness doesn’t last long

but imagine this: it’s summer, i was out and my hands are itchy now. later it disappears. tomorrow i go out again, itchiness is there again, but it disappears later again. i’m like prometheus lol

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I am allergic to fruits. Most fruits at least. So I don’t eat fruits. Like ever. Because I am allergic to most of them. I hardly ever found a fruit I wasn’t allergic to so yeah.

I also have allergies to pollen and dust but it justs makes me sneeze a lot.

Then there’s shellfish, makes my throat itchy, makes my lips and tongue burn but its very mild, but I still eat crabs, crawfish, shrimp and conch anyway cause they’re my favorite things to eat. It sucks

I’m allergic to Brussel sprouts (no, its not a joke.)
I get deathly sick from them. (I think its the mercury levels in them?)

It doesn’t effect my daily life. I just don’t eat them.

I am allergic to polyester clothes…