Let's Talk About... Arab American Heritage Month

This week’s month’s shelf is in celebration of Arab American Heritage Month. Seems like they will change the stories in a fortnight, so I will edit this topic once the shelf has rotated the stories…

First fortnight

  • Blades of Desire by @gisellec
  • Voodoo @Miumi.hp
  • Arabic Love @shue
  • STAND BY ME by *brin
  • Hunting Bad by Hope Moon
  • Collide With Love by Amal

Second fortnight

So… Have you read any of these? Which ones? What did you like? Do you plan on reading any of these? Do you think it fits the shelf? Do you think it fits the genre? Do choices matter? Who would you recommend it for? Is it complete? What are the main characters like personality-wise? What is the directing like? Are there lots of overlays? Are the episodes long or short? Can you CC? What style is it in? Do you think the cover represents the story? Do you think the summary represents the story? Do you think the title is a good fit for the story? Anything else?

If you have any suggestions for other stories you think would fit the shelf, there is this topic. This thread is only for talking about the stories that are on this shelf.


I read Voodoo a few months ago and it’s ahhhh-mazing! The opening scenes were insane and the detail in all the overlays was mind blowing. Also uses all limelight, ink and classic, so I guess I’d recommend it for everyone since there’s all three styles ahaha.

I’ve also read a bit of Blades of Desire. It wasn’t really my thing, but there’s lots of drama for people who like romance/drama stories. I saw it was in the thriller genre though, so I’m thinking it might have changed a bit since I read it? I don’t remember it feeling like a thriller haha.


I don’t have it yet.

Is it weekly?


Tried reading Blades of desire and didn’t get past episode 1, wasn’t for me

But Voodoo sounds interesting :thinking:
Gonna bookmark it


It says on the app to check back in two weeks for more stories, so I am assuming this one is a fortnight rotation.


You’ll probably like it. It’s already completed too, so no waiting for updates yay!


Arabic Love shouldn’t have been on there in my opinion. And does Hunting Bad have an Arab Mc? I honestly don’t know, I just know the author is Arab.

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Congrats @gisellec!!! :partying_face:

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The shelf description just says stories are either written by Arab authors or about Arab MCs


Thank you so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartpulse:

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That’s stupid. It should be Arab Mc’s, not just focusing on some of the authors. What’s the point of Arab voices if a person’s story or stories don’t speak out or incorporate their culture? It loses the purpose of it. So far, I only see 4 authors that belong in the shelf.


I thought that sila was arab? a.k.a MC

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Who’s Sila?

Oh I see. I just said I don’t know if she is Arab or not.

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Umm… Excuse me but that’s a bit rude!
We Arabs have always been left the dark, no one ever acknowledges us and we’ve finally been noticed, so I don’t see a problem in featuring arabic writers.
And just a question for you, do christian writers write stories about Christ and christian people reciting the bible only? Are they not allowed to write stories about aliens or stories that are not related to religion at all?
Everyone has the right to write about whatever they want, and you should learn to accept that. :heart:


@amberose Thank you so much for recommending my story :heart_eyes: I’m really glad you enjoyed reading it. :heart:

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Never said I had a problem with Arab authors or was being rude. At all.

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They never said it was an “Arabic voices” shelf, it was originally intended for Arabic authors. So I don’t get why you’re not accepting this!

Anyways… You’re entitled to your own opinion, and good luck with life. :woman_shrugging::heart:


Exactly. The author being Arab or not, as long as the story represents the culture, it should be featured.

We have the whole of the rest of the year to feature stories by Arab authors who make stories that fit other shelves along with every single other race and ethnicity out there. Why not make this shelf about characters and stories, not authors? Seems like a cop-out to me. A way to keep the genetic stuff going while you pretend you’re being inclusive