Let's Talk About . . . Asian Voices!

You know the drill

  • Bestseller by lja
  • The Liar & The Player by Sally l.
  • Mei by Manna
  • Partner in Divorce by Ritu
  • Pearl by pjane
  • MY SKATER LOVER by Effy Ameer
  • In love with the whisperer by Ruby L. Lee
  • Bad Girl Attitude by Iqra Ltif
  • 21 Dates by Meila Summers

I love love love love this thread already. The narrator of my own story Cherry Bomb is Filipina-American :raised_hands:t4:


I’ve started Mei and 21 Dates. The others on this shelf really didn’t appeal to me. Like at all. The descriptions made them feel like the same overused plots with possible occasional Asian characters in my opinion but I haven’t read them so I cOULD be wrong, but I’d rather not find out.

21 Dates feels like it’s gonna be cute and funny if a bit cliche. I will probably read on because don’t tell anyone but cute-funny is my guilty pleasure.

Mei is fascinating, intriguing and hooking. You’d have to pay me not to read on- it shows so much potential from the first episode alone.

oh and major shoutout to Episode for making an Asian shelf. I approve. Also the shelf art is s o m e g o o d s t u f f yo


Bestseller is a great read. I read it ages ago and unfortunately it hasn’t been updated in a while, but it’s one of those stories that makes you think, it’s outside of the box. I’m pretty sure it was for the Star Power contest, and it was definitely different to most other star power entries.

Partner in Divorce this one was pretty good, entertaining and funny. A little confusing at first… There’s a few questions that haven’t been answered in the published chapters, but based off of what I’ve read from the fanmail, it’s one of those things that will be revealed in future chapters.


Do these stories include Asian MCs? Or are they on the shelf because the authors are Asian?


coolio, any story you wish was on the shelf?

On Instagram, @/episodecreators were looking for stories either featuring Asian characters or written by Asian authors. So it could be either. I was really hoping they’d prioritise Asian MCs though (non-customisable) and stories with Asian culture.


Partners in Divorce must be an Asian author, because I haven’t picked up on the MC’s saying anything about their culture or heritage yet.

Bestseller… um… This is horrible but I can’t even remember because I read it a while ago. I think that one is Asian author as well, because again, I don’t remember the MC mentioning her culture or heritage. But I could be wrong?

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I think a lot of people would expect it to be non-customisable Asian MC’s, especially if they never saw the ig post, so I feel bad that the authors getting featured will now be getting questioned as to why they were chosen. I’m pretty sure the same thing happened with the Black History shelf.

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Honestly, although the post said it could be either, I was really hoping that most of the stories would feature non-customisable Asian MCs. (Although to be fair, I don’t even know if there are a lot of those stories on the app?)
There were a couple of people who mentioned my name on that post and I asked people not to since my stories all have customisable characters and don’t have any Asian culture in them at all.


OMG! I am so glad you found Mei to be an intriguing story. You’ve really made my day. Thank you for reading it!! :heart:


My MC is Asian and I am an Asian as well. However I have been getting so many fanmails to include CC and that the MC is ugly. It’s just not very respectful.


Wow, I’m really sorry. That is extremely disrespectful. People who send death threats or insults to another race is beyond me. Don’t worry about their opinions–respect from your readers is important, so don’t change for anyone and be confident in your choices! Don’t appeal to a demographic who aren’t mature enough to appreciate diversity!


Omg, I’m so sorry you have to go through that, I loved your story and Mei, I’m really looking forward to your story. Don’t listen what racists say, you do you boo :heart:


Them calling characters ugly doesn’t define who my characters are. It only shows how narrow minded they are. Just because my characters don’t look like every other episode character they called them ugly. Fine by me. Doesn’t define me or my characters but defines those who send such mails!


I am so glad you liked it! :blush: I shall not let haters bring me down!


i can appreciate the idea of asian representation on episode, but, like… why do so many of these characters look like white people? they just occasionally throw in a few words in chinese, or japanese, and bam! asian. idk, it just makes me feel a little uneasy.

and don’t say it’s hard to create asian-looking characters with the episode art style. it’s not. i tested it, and i was able to make people with chinese features, and filipino features.

despite the call for asian stories, i can’t help but feel a little like some of these authors and their readers really do prefer the look of white characters, and are willing to sacrifice asian faces for a more “white” look, and compensate with a ni hao every so often. idk. don’t come for me, haha!


My wifey is also Filipina-American. :smile:


Ugh that’s so rude. You clearly made her that way for a reason.
Yeah I knew that yours has an Asian MC and I believe Pearl does as well (I haven’t read it), but I’m not sure about the others. Most of them don’t seem like they would but I haven’t actually read them myself. :woman_shrugging:


Exactly! People should know how unreasonable their requests are and how racist they are.

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