Let's Talk About . . . At My Door!

Us at Midnight by CERI.
Rockstar Roommate by Anastasia S.
My Best Friend Next Door by Marina
Oh My Ghost by Parako @Parako
The Acting Game by Rubi.Writes
The Intoxication of You by Immy C @Immy
Traces of the Past by Vale D.F.
Right and Wrong by Mars
One of the Girls by Amberose @amberose

Genre? Recommend for? Fits on the shelf / doesn’t fit the shelf, cover represents the story, do choices matter, is it finished — etc.


Congratulations everyone! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Special congrats to @amberose :heart_eyes:



Congratulations @amberose :tada:

For genres, I’ve found a lot of romance stories which is understandable, there’s a horror not quite sure how scary it is ehm, and there’s a comedy by our queen @amberose and I guess a mystery and fantasy. The shelf is mainly romance.


Oh My Ghost is pretty funny.
I have not read any of the others.



I thought it was a horror? Or is it a mix of genres?

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Well out of the above the only one I’ve read so far is One of the Girls by the awesome @amberose (And I was one of the people who ignored what she said and recommended it anyway, so… you’re welcome :rofl:)
It definitely fits the shelf. It’s in comedy and I actually find it funny so I think it fits there lol. Plus it’s written in a sitcom-style which I really like.


Before you edited, I was the only taggable author :wink: Oh the irony!

Right and Wrong

This was on my list before the shelf, so I started here… and am now up to date.
Two words: Background characters! Like fore real, I’ve probably missed a lot of important details because every scene just looks so full, but in a natural way, which is distracting and refreshing.

Yeah, I think it suits the romance genre.

Recommend for…
Multiple love interests and full-looking scenes with BG characters!

Fits the shelf
Yeah, so the whole premise is that Jessie moves in with her brother and his friend (who is one of the love interests) to attend college. So roommates :white_check_mark:

The cover actually made me think this was a male POV story. Which would have been funny because the MC’s name is Jessie. Then another story on the shelf has a male MC named Jesse. Lol. But anyway, the males on the cover are your love interests, fyi.

Yes. They matter and will change the length of the episodes. But I’ve been distracted by the background characters so watch me kill off my MC.
Also, there’s like a warning that specifically says to pay attention to what’s being said or what’s going on around you… Actually, maybe it’s a good thing I was watching the BG characters then :thinking:

No, 5 episodes are out.

My Best Friend Next Door

Ahhhh! I’m not up to date on this one, but have read it (and reviewed it). I actually have funny screenshots of this story because of the naked character glitch HAHAHA.
I think this is a cute story. I’ve always like the best-friends-turned-into-lovers type of stories so I do quite like this one. Still not a fan of the author notes though ahahaha, but what else do you expect from me?

Romance, yes. Absolutely.

Recommend for…
If you’re like me and like light hearted romances where your best friend slowly becomes your bae.

Fits the shelf
The title pretty much states that it is, no? It’s like the shelf was made for this title.

Represents the story with the two main characters and the house in the background since they’re neighbours. Just realised I can’t read the whole quote on the large cover.

I feel like the choices got more important as the story progressed.

Not yet, but decent amount of episodes. Very binge-able.

One of the Girls

Like, at some point yesterday, I decided I wanted to change one tiny small thing in episode 3… And while I was there I realised all the speechbubbles were off, so I ended up re-reading some of my old episodes and fixing my speechbubbles along the way. Anyway, it’s not as cringe as I thought it would feel to read them again. I did laugh at myself. I also said “wow, I can’t believe you did that and then actually published it,” to myself several times too. Like, what was going through my mind? But also, how tf did I come up with some of this?

Well, I think it’s funny but is that not a given that I would think that since I’m the author?

Recommend for…
If you like my comments around here on the forums, you will probably like it.

Fits the shelf
I think so. I know getting featured is an honour no matter what but it’s even better to be on a shelf that I agree is a good theme for my story… Which I think this is.

Again, I’m the author so of course I think the cover represents the story. Tbh I like the symbolism of the old one more, but the new one is more eye catching. My bf said it was sending the message that women were “evil” because I made them “red” and that’s the colour that means evil. :unamused: They’re pink, by the way.

They matter technically but not in the way that you will end up killing off a main character. In fact, not in a way that readers would pick up on at all. A choice can change an episode, but not the course of the whole story. So no pressure! YAY!

In my head it is :smiley:

So I was planning to read everything since, like, oh it’s my shelf, so I should, but I don’t have enough passes for all of these (such long stories). We’ll see how far I get anyway :laughing:
Update: Ok… Maybe I will have enough passes… Episode just gave me some gems and passes to say thanks for working so hard on One of the Girls. Is this normal? Am I special? Someone please confirm.

Some fun facts
  • Two stories are in LL, seven are in INK
  • Three romances, two comedies, one horror, one mystery, one fantasy and one drama
  • One story had less than 1k reads. Another story had less than 5k reads
  • One story had above 2 million reads. Three stories had above 200k reads
  • I think, from what I cant tell, stories with CC and stories without CC are pretty evenly split.

Thank you @Apes, @Elx :crown: and @EliseC (I have thanked you way too much in the past day alone :joy:)


So… that’s a no on the IG? haha


I decided on a new if-this*-happens-then-I’ll-get-insta deal.

*If I manage to update while I’m on the shelf and sucking up exposure, then I can make an instagram account lol

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So far I’ve only read One of the girls, which tbh is trash. Lol jk. I can’t express how much I love this story, it’s the funniest, craziest, well directed story I’ve ever read. I can go into more details but I’d leave no intrigue to new readers.

I’m not a romance reader, so most of the other stories aren’t really that appealing to me. Oh my ghost does look quite good, all 75 episodes woah, a nice twist on roommates so that’s my next few hours sorted.


As always, thank you Lilly :purple_heart:

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Congrats everyone but especially @amberose! <3

Someone told me one of the stories on there hasn’t been updated for over a year. A real shame! Episode should’ve checked that before adding it so they could’ve added someone else who’s at least active.

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Thank you! :kissing_heart:

And oh really? Not sure what one you’re talking about, but there was also an author who said they would discontinue if they ever got featured because they’d be in too much shock. Found this doing my usual fanmails stalking…

I guess episode doesn’t check the fanmails either? Whoops.
So sorry, I just had to


Lmao! Good thing my fanmail is off for people like you! LOL jk.

But yes, one of those stories featured hasn’t been updated in a year or so bc the author left (which, I hope the best for her - all accounts said she was lovely).


I ’ M S H O O K I didn’t even see this shelf.

:confetti_ball: Congratulations @amberose ! :confetti_ball:

You deserve it!

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Thank you so much :blush::kissing_closed_eyes:

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It isn’t really scary. It’s a mix of drama, mystery and comedy.


YAY! @amberose :partying_face: