Let's Talk About . . . August Picks!



BITTERSWEET by Katherine S.
FRAMED by Hanna Mathew
Because of her by SA
FALLEN by MissLadyLG @MissLadyLG
Trapped: The island by Alusza @Alusza

Is there any story that should be on the shelf? Which one is your favorite? Plot twisting, most romantic? Would you reread?


I’m so honoured to be next to other great authors :heart_eyes: Thank you for featuring, I hope you will like the story.


Hello! Thank you so much reading


Do you want to pitch your story or maybe talk about it a bit :smile::smile::smile::smile: ? Like where did you get your idea from . . . ? Fav character . . . ?


Congrats on being featured, do you have a favorite scene in your story? What about a favorite character?


The story tells about a girl trying to survive after a plane crash. The main plot was just an excuse for practising - my first steps in Episode code and story writing in general (I never did it before). The idea just popped up one day and I started to build the story around it and the first ideas (of course) changed 180 degrees :).

This story supposed to have meaningful choices, artworks and my personal challenge was to build a relationship between only two characters (without any “jealous” men or women and so on) and still make it interesting :wink:


My favorite scene has to be when Jakobi snapped in episode 4. My favorite character has to be Jakobi. Good and bad :smiling_imp:




I’ve read Fallen. It’s one of my favorite stories. It’s funny, LG does comedy right. Jakobi is :heart_eyes:. The realest bad boy to ever do it.


I started reading Bittersweet a few days ago and so far, I like it. It’s quite the typical high school drama story but it has great directing. It is probably pretty predictable but yeah, if you like some teenage love/family/friends drama, Bittersweet is definitely worth a read.

Also, I started reading Framed before it ended on the August Picks page. I really like it! It reminds of Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni but has a different background story. Its directing is amazing and Hanna Mathew really did a great job with backgrounds and overlays. Definitely worth reading!


On a final note, I did read FALLEN.

The story didn’t connect to me, but I def recommend it for a comedy-loving user. Especially one that makes fun of the badboy trope.

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