Let's Talk About . . . Bad Girls!

For more great stories about Bad Girls, check out In The Works : A Shelf About Bad Girls.

Death the Girl by Catthegirl @catthegirl
Queen by Wiktoria Forevel @WiktoriaF
The Game by Amber J.
Felons by sruth
Aching For The Bad Girl by Olivia Carlson @Olivia2003
Reformed by Cordelia M. @CordeliaM
One Rules All… by Madison
Cold Hearted by MEA @MEA
The Vampire Assassin by Anna Jaeger

Does the story fit the shelf, why do YOU like the story? Does the cover represent the story, or is it misleading? How about the Summary? Any story YOU think should be on the shelf?


I’ve read The Game by Amber J. It’s actually one of my favourite stories on the app and it’s currently in my recommendations. I’m so glad to see it on a shelf! It’s in the thriller genre and it fits the genre- it’s a psychological thriller. The cover represents the story. The content is a bit on the mature side. I know she’s had to make some changes because of the guidelines, but I think the overall story is still mature. I think it fits on the shelf but it might make more sense when you get to the end?


Cold Hearted is one of my new favorites. Very, very nice indeed.


I’m gonna read The Vampire Assassin for sure, I like vampires and I absolutely adore the author’s last name >:)
I read The Game and like Elise said, you have get to ending to understand why its on shelf.

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I love Queen!!! I’ve followed that whole story line since Grace I love it!!!

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I really liked Aching for the bad girl, 'cause it has supper awesome overlay uses and directing, along with the characters unique personalities
The Mc is not just pictured as a mean bad girl>>>She’s funny and badass and I really loved the scene where she uses her hairbrush as her weapon lol
Also I loved how Charlie is hot in a weird way haha


I’m so happy Reformed got featured. I have like a long standing PM with the author and have been following her story since really early on. I do think it fits the shelf. I really enjoy all the plot twists. There were a lot of things I never saw coming! I wouldn’t say the cover is misleading, but also doesn’t give much away either lol.

I’ve also read Aching for the Bad Girl. I personally find it more comedy than romance (which I think it the genre it’s in), because I found a lot of comedic moments. The directing’s pretty great, and dare I say, the Bad Girl MC is pretty likeable too. I think the cover does a good job at representing the story, plus it’s pretty.

I started reading The Game, since it was already on my list anyway. Not very far in yet but wow that’s a lot of kissing in the first episode teehee. I love all the directing in this though. The whole vibe with the filter effects and the creepy music at the beginning (yes, I played with sound) really adds to the story. Guess I can’t really say yet if it fits the shelf since I’m not too far in yet and poor MC is just sad and broke lol.

There’s only one other story I have read, which I’m not going to name because I hated it and found it problematic and don’t want to call out the author specifically. I can only assume it has been severely revamped since I read it (I found it on the old forums, so it’s kind of old). The story included a few rape scenes and sexual assaults scenes with no warnings for readers and tbh there was a lot of directing errors and spelling mistakes. You should have seen my face when I saw it on the first page of the app because after probably a year since I’ve read it, I still have a sour taste in my mouth thinking about it :flushed: In saying that, I guess it does fit the shelf though. MC is a “bad girl”.


I’m going to check out each story and share my thoughts. (I’m bored and procrastinating.) I’ll keep updating this post so as not to spam the thread.

Death the Girl:


The MC is quite literally Death, although I’m not entirely sure what that means yet, so I guess that automatically makes her a bad girl? She does seem to be pretty tough. The directing is pretty good. I’m a little confused- I don’t really “get” what the MC is about and why/how she’s death. Is she human? Is that actually just her name? I’m sure this will be clarified later on in the story. The cover… well I haven’t “met” either of the guys yet so it’s probably too soon to tell if it suits the story. The description represents the story, at least from what I can tell so far. I clicked into the second episode to see if I could get a better feel for the story, but it’s not really for me (purely a personal opinion, not because the story is bad or anything).

Queen: I’ve read Blake but I haven’t read Grace and I have no intention to. Do I need to read that to understand this?

The Game: My thoughts are above.



Well before even starting the story there’s an author’s note that says: “Side note- this story contains some somewhat cringey moments that I have yet to fix. Sorry about that.” Usually I’d be exiting the story lol but I kept going. The characters then popped into the first scene (the directing overall isn’t bad and there’s a good use of spot directing, but there is a bit of popping and zooms that are making my head hurt). I like that we get stuck into the story right from the beginning. The MC is definitely a “bad girl” so the story fits the shelf. Okay I don’t want to sound negative but I just got to the end of the first episode and there’s another author’s note apologising if the first three episodes are short and boring and telling me that the story gets better from episode 4… this is honestly one of my pet peeves and actually, I didn’t think episode 1 was boring. Not my type of story, but not boring. I actually think the plot’s fairly interesting so far although I’m not too sure where it’s going.

Aching for the Bad Girl: -

Reformed: -

One Rules All:


Interesting concept. I personally like stories set in dystopian societies. The directing is quite good. You don’t actually “meet” the bad girl until the very end of the first episode but from what I can tell, she fits the description. The cover I guess suits the story? It’s just the female characters with one of the male characters (who we’ve already met) and he’s the one holding the gun. It’s very similar to a lot of covers in the action trending section however, so far this story is a bit more unique. The description seems to match quite well. I’ll be continuing this one.

Cold Hearted:


This one has been in my favourites for so long that it’s been buried behind all the newer stories I’ve added there :rofl:. Alright so I finally started reading this… Right from the beginning, I’m really intrigued. Directing is good and the plot seems unique. Everything is flowing really well and I’m confused, but in a good way (I’m supposed to be confused lol). I love the mystery and the suspense, this is definitely my kind of story so far. I’m going to keep reading but based on the first episode- the story seems to fit the shelf but the MC isn’t your typical “bad girl” as there seems to be a lot that we as the reader (and also the MC) don’t quite know yet. The description suits the story and is part of the reason I added this to my shelf in the first place.

The Vampire Assassin: -


Ok I finished The Game on the weekend, and like… :scream:

Not really spoilers, but just in case, I'm hiding it...

I know I’m supposed to be in shock at the ending but I really can’t get over Diana’s shadow overlay… and also the light from the bathroom when Diana is showering like omg. I mean, yeah, sure, the ending was a surprise, but I knew something was off with Iris because she would smile at weird times and so I knew she was a little iffy, but seriously THE SHADOW!!

I also read and am up to date(ish) with FELONS. I’m not a fan of all the author notes (no surprise there), though the first one made me laugh and I was wondering if author added that in when she found out she was featured maybe as like some kind of disclaimer? I’m quite enjoying it. Despite the occasional directing error (like characters popping into the scene), there’s still some pretty advanced directing scenes and the fight scenes are awesome too. What I really like is that it’s not just about two “enemies” having a flirty relationship while pretending to hate each other even though we all know they will get together, like, there’s other dramatic stuff going on too, so it doesn’t feel like it’s all about the romance. Side note: I’ve had to reread the last episode 3 times because author must keep editing it and I’ve taken too long reading it