Let's Talk About . . . Beach Reads! (2)


The Host Family by kw.episode @kw.episode
Me and Mr. Jones by Frankii Cash @Carter.cash
Sinned by effydoses
The Fool Card by M.Jordan @M.jordan
Life Changes by Dana Violet
At First Sight by trishy_writes @Trishy1337
Summer Knights by Jolent @jolentuz
Blue Onaga by Chanel N.
ONE KISS by Nina

What did you like about the stories? Who would you recommend for? Does this story fit the shelf? Is there any story that should be on the shelf that isn’t? Would you reread? Is the summary misleading or is the cover art misleading?


I haven’t actually read any, but quite a few were on my list to read already, so I probably will read them this week


I liked at First Sights —-that’s was really good.

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I love The Host Family!! It’s light and fun perfect for the shelf :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I haven’t read At First Sight yet but I will it was highly recommended!

I tried Life Changes, but couldn’t really get into (idk I was expecting a bit more I guess??)

I’ve read Summer Knights as well, the directing is really cool but the plot was paced a bit weird for my taste :sweat_smile: either way it does kind of fit the shelf


Apologies, but this thread is discussing the stories on the shelf only


The Fool Card by @M.jordan is one of my favorited. Loved the Ink version, and love this new LL version. I just want to take Jared and squeeze him. It’s one I actually recommended for the shelf when Episode posted for recommendations.

I’ve had The Host Family saved to my favorites, but haven’t started it yet.


:heart: :grin:

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ilysm sad girl

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Bump ~

The Fool Card and At First Sight are both awesome stories. Both Jared and Imogen are absolute sweethearts :hugs:

@Sydney_H could you close this?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: