Let's Talk About . . . Beach Reads!

  1. What do you think the genre of Beach Reads is?

Bye Bye Bad Boy by Katpphic (4.3k reads) @Sparklekat17
Invariably by Kylie (58.1k reads)
12 Nights by Ameerah (1.8k reads) @ameerah
Sealed With A Kiss by Maxine and Aaron (2.5k reads)
Seven Roses by Chloe X (185.2k reads)
Enemies with Benefits by Naemi (1.5m reads)

I included the reads, as I figured this would be a good batch of stories to track reads for. I won’t do Enemies w/ Benefits because I doubt the number will change that much, plus it’s pretty high up and will be an outlier.


Ok, so to start off with - for Beach Reads I would expect something not too heavy, not too emotional, just something I could read without having to think too hard - that’s how I see Beach Reads.

Bye Bye Bad Boy I freaking love this one - tbh it would have suited the Hidden Gems shelf more, but I’m so happy it got featured anyway. I remember first reading the open scene and I was blown away. I think I read it all in one night because the directing and plot just had such a strong pull.

12 Nights I read this one a while ago too, but I’m behind because I had to re-read episode 3 and so I have been avoiding it until I can be bothered to do said re-read. This had another unique plot, though I think I remember seeing the author on the forums once mentioned the name was taken from the play (Idk if it’s a revamp of the play though). The mystery side of this story is intriguing, though I don’t think the plot has fully kicked in just yet and is still being set up. Also, I will be extremely disappointed if this doesn’t end with exactly 12 episodes.

Enemies with Benefits This might sound harsh, and I know this is a popular story, but I didn’t actually like this too much when I read it a few months ago. I felt there were way too many love interests for the sake of having multiple love interests. And what bothers me is the name of the story didn’t end up having all that much to do with the plot. Sure, MC has an enemy, but the benefits? It was mentioned once in the story, and it’s not in a FWB type of arrangement like the title would have you believe.


I’ve only read Bye Bye Badboy so far (I had read it before it was on beach reads) and it is like one of my favourite frickin stories on episode. Everything about this story is amazing, I’m so happy it was chosen to be promoted, it deserves so many more reads than it has.:wink:


I’ve recently done a R4R on Bye Bye Bad Boy by @Sparklekat17 and 12 Nights by @ameerah and they are both fantastic! So happy they both got featured. Definitely great stories to relax on a beach and read. :two_hearts:


I haven’t read any of the stories yet but my first thoughts:

  • Three stories had quite low reads at the time that I checked the shelf. (I think the Bad Boy one even had under 3k when I checked it unless I’m mistaken). So half the shelf featured stories with <5k reads. I really think that Episode has been trying to feature “smaller” authors/stories and this is a great example (IMO).
  • Two stories only have 3 episodes and one only has 4. I feel like in the past, stories featured typically have more episodes? (Minus contest entries)

What do you think the genre of Beach Reads is?
Something light and an “easy- read” where you don’t need to think too much. The kind of story where you can just sit back and binge-read. No specific genre, but probably more drama/romance/comedy stories and maybe fantasy.

There are two stories on the shelf that have grabbed my attention so I’ll update this if/when I actually read them.




Ahhhhhhhh thank you so much <3


It actually only had about 750 before being on the shelf lol


I saw it when it had I think about 400 and something reads and I thought it was awesome :joy: I’m so happy that it’s getting popular!


Congratulations on getting on the shelf!
Yours is one of those that grabbed my attention straight away and I can’t wait to check it out :slight_smile:


Thank you sooo much !! :heart:


Thanks so much for reading before it was featured!! The title is a play on words with the original title of the play which is 12th night and its not really that much of a revamp of the play, just the same characters and concept. :smiley:


No problems :blush: And ah ok, I hadn’t seen the play anyway, so I wasn’t sure if there was some kind of tie between the two


I apologize, but I did not keep track of the reads this week.

New shelf is up @Jeremy you may close this.



You got it!