Let's Talk About . . . BFF to Bae!

APARTMENT 142 by Natasha Hills @natashahills
Obliviously You by Nixx
Who’s That Girl? by Rin Uchiha @rin.uchiha
Falling Is Like This by Klalala
ALONE WITH YOU by Alex Light @alexlight
Without a Doubt by LillyS @Lillys
Everything You Are by Julia E.
Wildest Dreams by Emily Jane @emilyyjane15
River’s Dawn by Janine @janinestories

Random Topic Starters : What did you like, would you recommend ( and who for? ) Does it belong on the shelf, does the cover represent the story, does the summary represent the story?


I’ve read Without a Doubt and Alone With You and think they are great stories. I really recommend them to anyone who hasn’t read them. Without A Doubt is a sequel (I believe?) to Beyond a Reasonable Doubt which I haven’t read, but regardless I think it is a great addition to the shelf. They are both light hearted but emotional at times and definitely fit the theme of the shelf.


The only one I’ve read is Everything You Are. I’d say it fits the shelf and I found it to be a really good read.

I just read through the summary of the others and it doesn’t look like they all are strictly about best friends falling in love. Though I’m pretty impressed that a lot of the stories this week are already completed :grin: That normally doesn’t happen


Thank you other Lilly! You are the best!

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I’ve read Apartment 143 and I liked it. They had their issues at the beginning and then the relationship progressed with ups and downs. But it wasn’t from “day to night”.

For River’s Dawn. Well, they start as friends due to MC recovering from heartbreak….
It has some funny scenes and others that are more deep.


Brings me so much joy :partying_face:

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When/Where does Episode look for recommendations for their shelves? :thinking:

From IG I believe:

I have read both Without A Doubt and Wildest Dreams and I’m SO excited to see they’ve made this shelf as I think they fit perfectly!!