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Congratulations to:

  • Blackbird by licorice @Licorice
  • Psychometric by storiesbynatalie
  • CATACLYSM by jn.writez
  • Meet the Mendozas by episode_ariel @arielcodilla
  • The Art of the Red Robin by mickel.epi @mickel.epi
  • HEIST by sadet.stories
  • Queer: Maracore by episode.writer.mae @Username4
  • Running out of Time by epi.savvy
  • Shadows of Evil by brielle.kills

If you know any of the author’s usernames, please let me know!

Have you read any of these stories? What did you like about them? If not, which ones grab your attention?





Some of their forum usernames.

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Thank you!

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Thank you so much!!! I’m so honored to be in this shelf. Ariel, Natalie, and Jay are literally some of my best friends in this community and being next to them means the world. I write The Art of the Red Robin, and it’s basically about an art thief robin hood who goes around stealing stolen art and returning it to where it belongs. One day she’s framed for murder, and her and her team have to pull off the biggest heist of their careers to clear her name. I’m a huge history and art history geek, so if you are too I totally geek out in this story.

Outside of that, Jay’s, Ariel’s, and Nat’s stories are all PHENOMENAL. Nat’s and Jay’s are a mix of fantasy, thriller, and action and Ariel’s is just all around iconic. Also, if you like stories about robin hoods I just started reading Sadet’s and it’s just as iconic. I may be biased, but I do love stories about thieves :relieved:

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The Art of the Red Robin is such an underrated story. It’s so good the directing, the storyline, the characters, all of it! It was bummer that it didn’t win the Queer shelf, but I am happy to see that it’s on a shelf. Mickel is such an underrated talented author who deserve all the reads :sob: :white_heart:

Meet the Mendozas is also a great story! I just adore anything Ariel writes. The directing in this story is mindblowing!! It’s great seeing her on another shelf. Her and stories are amazing.

I read a bit of Running out of Time and Psychometric. I haven’t read enough to form an opinion. But, from what I did read, I thought it was good. Congratulations to all the authors on this shelf :blob_hearts:


hehe i haven’t read any of these :skull:
but Meet the Mendozas is on my list :weary: and i wanna read HEIST :eyes:

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I haven’t read anything on this shelf but I’ll be checking some of them out. I really like action stories and it’s hard to find good ones that are proper action. I’m hoping that all of these are :grin:

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That photo and the name
Does this mean we may be getting plus size males?

No this was a shelf from a few months ago which featured action stories :slight_smile:

Aw. I’m impatient for the plus males update. We got plus females a few months ago, we should get plus males…

I’m sure there are already feature requests for this. You can go and support those so that they work on it :blush:

I’ll make sure to support them!