Let's Talk About... Black History Month

Fallen’s still on break, so here I am :blush:

This week’s month’s shelf is in celebration of Black History Month. Since they will be rotating the 6 stories that are showcased each week, I’ll be editing this topic to add to it, rather than closing and making a new one each week, because that’s too much effort

First Week:

  • Forever Young by Jalissa
  • the c.r.e.w. by Romy
  • Love Has No Color @brvnda
  • Follow Me - A Mystery Thriller @clarkies
  • Kotton Kandie @PrettyEri
  • The Trifecta by Andrea Elle

Second Week:

Third Week:

Fourth Week:

So which ones have you read? What do you like? Does it fit the shelf? Does it fit the genre? Do choices matter? Who would you recommend it for? Etc, etc.


They all definitely deserved it. 100% agree with the people choosen. :sunglasses::fist:t4: #BlackMagic


Where they all on your own shelf that you made? I remember some of them were :thinking:


Yeah, they were. :sweat_smile: I have read all of them except Love Has No Color.


I’ve read Forever Young, the c.r.e.w. and Kotton Kandie :blush:

I recommend the c.r.e.w. for those who like sitcoms, Forever Young is a tearjerker for me, so I guess people who like that. Kotton Kandie is a story revolving around a woman who escapes her exhusband and starts a new life, it’s a great drama, so I recommend reading it.


We’ve read the exact same ones :smile:


Haven’t read any of them yet but I’m reading the c.r.e.w as we speak and I really like it so far!



I’m planning on checking out The Trifecta, it’s on my list. I think I’ve seen it as a contest entry but I’m not too sure.


I’ve been waiting to see Forever Young on a shelf for ages. It is a very unique idea and even though I usually prefer stories that cheer me up, I couldn’t stop reading this one until I reached the end of the last episode. For those who haven’t read it yet I don’t want to spoil anything but let’s just say it’s not some typical high school romance, but something deeper.

The other story I started reading a while ago is Kotton Kandie. I still have to catch up with the episodes but I really like the concept of this and what I’ve read so far.
The c.r.e.w, Follow Me and Love Has No Color was already on my reading list, so I may come back with some comments if the shelf stays up long enough (hopefully for a whole month?)

It seems to me that all stories fit the shelf perfectly and I’m happy that this time it’s not the romance genre that dominates. The only thing I miss is a few more stories, I feel like there is a lot of place left on the shelf :slightly_smiling_face:


They’re going to rotate the shelf. So six new stories each week that all fit this theme (but I’ll leave the topic open so you can talk about the others even once the new ones come up)


Okay that’s awkward. I swear I read your original post, what’s wrong with me? :sweat_smile:

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Answering this would require a whole new thread :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m still in shock that I got featured. :sob: Thank y’all for reading and recommending my story.


how do they feature your story if u dont mind me asking. I haven’t read any of these stories as yet. #HAILBLACKHISTORYMONTH!

I think they send an email to the person that might possibly get featured. Before they even get the emails, they usually read the comment section on their shelf posts of people commenting specific people’s stories. Whoever gets the most promotion will be featured,

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ohh okay. Thanks. :wink: :sunglasses:

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This month I am definitely going to read these stories, and watch movies.


Congrats to @PrettyEri for getting on the shelf. :heart:


I’m so happy for everyone who got featured. I’m up to date on Kotton Kandie and the c.r.e.w. I totally recommend both if you like drama type stories.

@PrettyEri Why did you make me choose :sob: I love every LI, that was such a hard choice

The rest I haven’t finished yet (curse you MC contest :sweat_smile:) but so far they all are very good. @clarkies is one of my fav authors so I’m biased :woman_shrugging:t4:

Also can we talk about how cool it is that Episode decided to rotate the stories? That’s more recognition for authors who deserve it. Maybe they’ll even implement a rotating system for more shelves :thinking:


:see_no_evil: I know but you can only have one. :joy: