Let's Talk About . . . Black History!

Hey, I am back with a new series of ‘Let’s Talk About . . .’ and shall be adding some of the old ones as well.
But first, here’s Black History

  • Torched in Flames by S.W. Rose
  • Instant Princess by writer.LB
  • Southern Belles by Nuni B.

(The above few were added later)

  • FROM 1958 by YPWrites
  • Pain into Blessings by Gisele Palmer
  • The Five Elementals by ARK
  • Strange Fruit by Kay Elle
  • Senior Designs by Andrea Elle
  • Treasure Hunt by TORIAH
  • Eternal Rhapsody by Scotti
  • Mr. or Mrs. Right by M. Black

Some topic starters : What did you like / dislike about the stories? Would you recommend? Does this story fit the shelf? Is there any story that should be on the shelf that isn’t? Would you reread? Is the summary misleading or is the cover art misleading?

Note : Authors do read this.

(sorry for being late, for some reason, this section was a week late for me :frowning:


Good Morning World! Last night I read the lovely story, Strange Fruit by Elle Kay. I loved the characters, but did feel like the story started slow. However it picks up fast, and doesnt slow down until the ending. I would definitely recommend if you like greek gods and or short cute romances. I am unsure if choices mattered

The story does fit the shelf, as the MC is black (not to mention most of the othet characters are middle eastern which I have rarely read before) but at the same time, I am unsure if the story would of been different if the MC had different colors skin.

Cover and summary were great.

One thing I would like to bring up is while reading this story, Kay left a lot of gaps in the plot up to our imagination which I have never read before. Like if the mother talked to Percy again, or if Percy & Ahdes live with each other forever. Or even who made the donation to the funeral (Ze? Mom? Journalist?) Maybe i just read too fast, and missed something . . .


This is one of my favorite shelves, as there are so many amazing stories on here by very talented authors.

-Instant Princess: I was so excited to read the first chapter last night because I had been hearing so many wonderful things about this story on Instagram. Today, I went to read the second chapter, but for some reason, there’s an error loading it. I already filed a ticket. I hope this issue gets fixed soon so I can read the next two chapters.

-From 1958: This is a story that begins in the late 50s and deals with segregation. You can choose to play as a white MC with a black best friend or a black MC with a white best friend.

-FUNDAMENTALS: You get to play as a high school math teacher that gets a job at what at first seems like the ideal school, but is anything but. I personally would go running and never look back the very moment I saw how that girl Ale talked to the principal and how the principal did nothing.

-Pain Into Blessings: This is one of my personal favorites. I love how Gisele Palmer writes her characters and makes them as unpredictable, flawed, multifaceted as any human being you might know in real life. I love Peggy’s dedication to her family and loved ones, and how she stands up for what she believes in. There’s one particular decision she made that I disagree with, but no one is perfect and we can’t always agree with the actions of the MC.

I haven’t read the Five Elementals or Strange Fruit yet, but I am looking forward to reading them in the future,

-Senior Design: This one is interesting because I’m into fashion. You can play as a girl or a guy that’s studying fashion design. I’m playing as a girl. The MC is customizable.

-Treasure Hunt: One of my favorite reality show stories. It actually inspired the chapter in my story that I’m currently working on. The cast is very ethnically diverse, and you can either play as a guy or a girl. I first played as a girl, but the second time around played as a guy and liked his personality better as he seemed to fit in more with the cast.

I haven’t read Eternal Rhapsody yet, either, but I will in the future.

-Mr. or Mrs. Right: Another story I love. You get to choose who to play as and who to date, as there are many love interests you will meet throughout the story. I’m playing as a girl. So far, the love interest I like best is Eli, as I feel more chemistry with him, and he seems to really understand me.


Do you think all the stories fit the shelf well?

My name is Hadiya, in the story ‘Instant Princess’ so I was suprised and excited to see my name in a story for the first time

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And sorry I posted twice; this my first time using the forum:smile:

Welcome to the forms! What made you like Instant Princess besides the name?

The fact that this is a of an African princess, and has alot of diversity than the other princess stories. I also like the comedy and clothes in it as well.

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Bumping because more people need to check out this shelf. It sucks not too many are reading compared to the other shelf. The only story I haven’t read yet is Treasure Hunt by TORIAH. I will come back after reading to give detailed thoughts on each story.

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