Lets talk about...black panther

So hey people come here and talk about the Famous, One and Only Black Panther talk about what you do and dont like about the movie.

Im kinda stupid thinking people would want to talk about a movie that came out last year.

I’m so mad.

Why didn’t King T’Chaka just take N’Jadaka with him to Wakanda?? This shit keeps me up at night because I could just imagine how great of a right hand man he could have been to T’Challa. N’Jadaka along with Okoye by T’Challa’s side would have been the ultimate trio, but it’s ruined :sob:

i feel your pain but one thing i am really confused about is why Tchaka couldnt just save him in the end i mean they were cousins right so he should have saved him

and also why did Mbaku not like try to form an alliance with Tchacka in the very begining why could he just like beome friends in the begining so it would have been easier when King Tchaka got hurt fighting his own cousin

and Mbaku could have saved Tchackas life without even bieng asked to by Tchackas mother and Sister.

Well, it’s just as N’Jadaka said as he was dying, they were just gonna have him locked up if T’Challa saved him because he did some really bad shit. :sweat_smile: Like a crap ton of people died because of him and T’Challa, nor anyone else, was just gonna let him waltz around all willy nilly like he didn’t cause all that turmoil just because him and the king are cousins.

And for the M’Baku not forming an alliance with T’Challa from the beginning situation. I understand why M’Baku didn’t because all his anger towards T’Challa and the other tribe leaders was fostered on a hundreds of years of the Jabari tribe being isolated from the others. So he understandably didn’t want to be friends.

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Wakanda Forever! đź™…đź™…đź™…đź™…đź™…đź™…

It was honestly ok, you can kill me later, but the only reason it’s so amazing to people is because it had a mostly-black cast.

It was still good though, to me. How often do you see these movies?

i guess that makes sence

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