Let's Talk About . . . Bling it On!

Her Books, His Billions by J.J. @JJ.Author
The Italian Billioniare by VioletBlue @VioletBlue
Black Widow by Clarkie @Clarkies
The Beast by Julz
Filthy Royals by Lucina @Lucina
Publicity Stun by haemi @haemi
Fostering Jordyn by Episode Writer Jade
Perfect Little Housewife by Bri
The Model by QueenS

Random Topic Starters
What did you like about the stories? Who would you recommend for? Does this story fit the shelf? Is there any story that should be on the shelf that isn’t? Would you reread? Is the summary misleading or is the cover art misleading?


Happy to be featured :smiley:


Thanks for the mention! Congrats to everyone who was featured as well!


Really honoured to be up on that shelf with the other amazing authors!


I would have replied more earlier but I have been traveling all day. Thank you to anyone who nominated me and congrats to all the other authors who were featured with me :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:. I will make a point to be reading all your stories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Me seeing Black Widow up there:


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Congratulations to everyone who got on this shelf! :clap::grin:

Me: “Not my taste, I don’t read stories about royalty or aristocrats, modern-day lordships, anyone who likes these stories can go ahead I guess, but personally I dislike—”
Black Widow by Clarkie: -exists-
Me: “Hold that thought. :star_struck:


Me again:

Black Widow does seem like a somewhat odd fit, though; the others seem to be about entering the extravagant life, or their adventures living it, while Black Widow does have some mention of it, but seems more focused on the action, the mystery, the reinventing of her life after the extravagance, the wealth and bling being more of a footnote.

But hey, if grouping them together is what it took for me to find this story, I ain’t complaining lmao.

You can see the quality right off the bat. Even just the way they made their own CC script. ‘Attention to detail’ has entered the building. :sunglasses:

On a different note, does anyone have a detailed review of The Beast by Julz? I hear great things about it left and right, but reading the description, images of The Doberman come to mind, which isn’t really my type. :thinking:

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Thank you!!


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Thanks for supporting my story <333 new ep out in a couple of hours! (maybe sooner)

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@Sydney_H could you close this? The shelf is no longer up :smiley:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: