Let's Talk About . . . December Picks!

Chicago Bound by Ella J
The Enchantment Thief by Star Writes
The Evil Among Us. by Taylor.
If I Stay by ElleStevens
Blacklisted by Scotti
Bandaged Hearts by cass

Is it complete? Does the cover represent the story, would you reread? Who is the audience for the story, do choices matter, is the summary misleading, does it fit the genre?


Good choices!!! :laughing::laughing:

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Chicago bound is amazing!! :open_mouth::heart_eyes:


The Evil Amoung Us’ description reminded me Suicide Squad so I’ll probably read it :eyes:


I started reading Blacklisted and I’m actually in love with it so far. The MC is clearly a f*ck up and isn’t even ashamed of it. :joy:

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~ Silence ~

@Sydney_H could you close this thread please?

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Topic closed by OP request. :grin: