Let's Talk About . . . Dirty Dancing!


DD: Border Town by Stelle Magnolia
DD: Austentatious by E R Gurney
DD: Timeless by QueenNeen & Courtney Bre
DD: Blurred Lines by Amy T.
DD: Breaking The Rules by Beeble Hope
DD: SHATTERED by Cece and Jane

Is there any story that should be on the shelf? Which one is your favorite? Plot twisting, most romantic? Would you reread?


DD: Austentatious is really good. Her “twist” on the classic story is that it’s set in the past. I think she’s done a really good job at reinventing the story and making it interesting. The directing is very good and I’m looking forward to reading more.

DD: Breaking the Rules is also good. It has a modern twist on it. It’s set at a resort so I guess it’s fairly similar to the original in that sense. Baby is the dance instructor.

I haven’t read DD: Shattered yet but I’ve head a lot of good things. It apparently has a very unique twist to the plot and I believe it’s fantasy?


is that a DD entry? What’s it about?

I love Border Town! @SteeleMagnolia is such a talented author and the story is just really beautiful and really well directed.


Do you want to pitch it? Like summarize it!


Thank you, Bar :slight_smile:

So far I’ve also read Border Town, and Steele Magnolia has a great talent of depicting the setting and culture, especially the traditional dancing!

I’ve read all the stories except Border Town, which I now will go read.
Of the ones I’ve read; either Shattered or Austentatious are my favorites.
Shattered because of the unique plot twist that is brilliant and literally grips at your heart.
Austentatious because, well, I love Jane Austen and this story is a wonderful spin on that time period (I also love history).


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I just started reading Border Town and I really like it! I love all the cultural references, and it’s definitely a story that I will continue reading.

I haven’t read Austentatious yet, but I plan on reading it as soon as possible because based on the screenshots I’ve seen on IG, it looks amazing.

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I’ve just started Blurred Lines and it’s really funny and interesting so far.

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NEW Question if anyone would like to answer, Do you think Episode will hold a contest with such strict guidelines again in the future?

I mean, the contest was prefaced with Episode working with a movie studio. I guess it would depend on the sponsor, if it’s about a specific movie, tv show, book, etc. Otherwise, hopefully it would just only be for those special ‘win-a-trip/chance’ things.

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I just started to read Austentatious, and I guess being set in Regency times makes the stakes of Baby falling in love with someone not from her world more intense. Plus, I love Baby’s swearing in her thought bubbles God, I used to be such an Austenite!

Just wondering, has anyone read Timeless yet?

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I just started Austentatious today and oh my god. The directing is exquisite.

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I’ve read Timeless and Blurred Lines which I really enjoyed.

Before I close this, I do wish there was more conversation about how the winner was an author less than <10k reads before they won. This is exactly what the community was hoping for, and I really wish there was more conversation about it.

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